Thursday, January 8, 2015

Kieran 4 Months

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This is about 3 weeks late, but better late than never, right?
Height: 25 inches
Weight: 11 pounds, 11 ounces
Head circumference: 17 inches
Clothing: I think he's finally growing out of his 0-3 month clothing. Not so much in the stomach area, but in the length. He's growing so tall, so quickly that he's going to outgrow his clothes in length before he's too chubby for them. He can also wear 3 month, and 3-6 month clothing.
Still loving our cloth diapers. He's still on the smallest waist and rise setting.
Nicknames: Chubby Cheekers, Bubba, Bubster, Mister Man, Grumpy Gills when he's super fussy.
Food: Overall, this was the most difficult month with Kieran. No matter what we did, he wasn't sleeping, so it was suggested that we either start him on solids or formula to see if he wasn't sleeping because he was hungry. We did a week of cereal and then did a few days of sweet potato, but ended up switching to formula. He's still breastfeeding about 6-10 times per 24 hours depending on how often he wakes up overnight.
Sleep: This was the month of pretty much no sleep. Starting at around 3.25 months, Kieran was waking up every 1.5 hours, and at times, every 45 minutes. I would nurse him every time, but no matter how long I would feed him, he would be up again shortly after. We thought it was because we had moved him from the swing to the pack n' play in preparation for taking the pack n' play up to Missouri for Christmas, but we found out that it was because he was hungry all the time. He wasn't getting enough calories during the day, so even though he would eat at every wake up, he was still starving.
Naps: I think our schedule of naps started getting better during this month. He'll still nap between 10 and noon, between 2 and 4, and then usually fall asleep on the way home / out to dinner after work. He'll sleep anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours. Still sleeps really well in the Ergo. He's stopped falling sleep in my arms which makes me sad. I miss the baby cuddles, even though it meant I wasn't getting anything done.
Milestones & Tidbits:
- visited the car museum for the first time on November 15
- Had his first Thanksgiving!
- met his cousins, great-grandparents, Uncle D and Aunt B for the first time
- saw his first snow fall
- had his first time away from Mom and Dad staying with Grandpa N while we went to a Mizzou game (Keegan's first!)
- Met Santa for the first time...and a second
- Saw his first Christmas tree

Likes: eating, bath time, lights, people watching, sitting and looking at the world.
Dislikes: being cold, being in the car seat for long periods of time, especially if it's not moving. SLEEP.
Baby + Work Update: We have our good and bad days. I had an office to myself for about a week before circumstances made one of my semi co-workers move in with me. Working around another person with a bunch of baby gear, is always difficult, but thankfully she's also a mom so she understands. I've come up with a system that gives me 5-15 minutes of hands free time to work at my computer at a time. I try to get my desk work done while he's sleeping and do my gallery work while he's awake. He's pretty content in his stroller if he's able to look around and see what I'm doing.


  1. It is so nice he can go to work with you! I wish I could bring my little one with me. I go back Monday and I'm filled with mixed emotions!!

    I'd love to see this post with pictures! I don't think I'm a no reply blogger but just incase

  2. Don't forget about the 4 month sleep regression, which can start earlier or later than 4 months. For us, it was around 3.5 months and it's still going a month later. :( I bet that played/is playing a part in his sleep issues. Overall, sounds like things are improving!

    1. I think that was part of the problem as well. Lack of food + sleep regression = a cranky mama and baby!