Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Very First Blog Award!

I am so excited to say that Jennifer nominated me for the Super Sweet Blogging Award! I've never been given an award before, so this brought a huge smile to my face. Thank you so much Jennifer!

Here are the rules:
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you. - Done! See above 
  • Answer 5 super sweet questions
  • Include the Super Sweet Blogging award image in the blog post - Done! 
  • Nominate 12 other bloggers
Super Sweet Questions:
1. Cookies or cake? Ummm can I say both? I love snickerdoodle cookies, but put a piece of chocolate cake in front of me, and I'm done. 
2. Chocolate or vanilla? I'm definitely more of a chocolate girl...unless I have the urge to top my ice cream with fresh fruit, then I'll get vanilla. Chocolate and kiwis don't go well in my opinion. 
3. Favorite sweet treat? The cupcakes we had at our wedding. We ordered them from Hy-Vee (a grocery store in Missouri,) and got chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting made specially for us. The best part was the frosting was whipped cream frosting so they weren't too sugary! 
4. When do you crave sweet things the most? Um, all the time? But really, I'd say mid afternoon and after dinner. 
5. Sweet nickname?  I don't think any of my nicknames are sweet. My family calls me Ais, and a middle school friend used to call me Aisy-Daisy, but that's about it. 

And now, the 12 9 Super Sweet Blogs! I'm trying to nominate ladies who haven't been nominated yet, but that's hard! 

  • Dee at Child Of The Universe - She's had a rough month with the miscarriage of her Bean Sprout, but she's jumping back into things and I have so much respect for her. 
  • Frozen OJ - She has the best attitude about TTC I've ever seen. I love her Pun Day posts and she's making awesome bracelets to help raise money for her embryo donation. 
  • Ana at In My Garden Grow - She's a blogger from across the pond that is witty and an amazing writer. Her RE's name is Mr. T which always makes me laugh. Go congratulate her on getting 9 eggs at her egg retrieval! 
  • I know Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk has already been nominated, but I have to nominate her as well. She's become one of my best blogging friend and I'm so excited to see Baby G enter this world in just a few short weeks! He's due on my birthday which is an awesome birthday to have in my opinion. 
  • Stephanie at Neubauer Haus - She's had a rough couple of weeks dealing with things not relating to infertility (are there such things?!) so go give her some love. 
  • Cam at Recipes For Lemons - After losing her most recent pregnancy, her and her husband have decided to go down the adoption route. They've just started, so now is a good chance to start following their journey and give them some well wishes. 
  • Mrs. E at TTCBabyE3 - She's a wonderful mom to twins and is currently 8 weeks pregnant with baby number three! I'm so happy that I get to follow this sweet mama on her pregnancy journey. 
  • Aubrey at Two Hearts And One Dream - This wonderful lady is stuck in an emotional rut, something I think we can all relate to. Go give her some love and cheer her on as she continues her cycle with CCRM. 
  • The Infertile Chemist - I love the way she explains the science behind infertility. I've learned a lot from her, and I appreciate that she explains things in a way that everyone can understand her. She's just getting started on her first IVF cycle, so go give her some love! 
Ok, so I didn't quite make it to 12. Many of the ladies that I follow have already been nominated, so I wanted to include other bloggers who haven't. Even if I didn't nominate you, I love all of the ladies that I follow! 


  1. Yay! Love some of those blogs you as well! A couple I haven't seen yet, so thanks for mentioning them! Congrats, too!

  2. You're so welcome!

    I remember Hy-Vee in Iowa when I lived there. That brought back a flood of memories! :)

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination! You are definitely super sweet. :) I'm just on the computer for a few minutes before I do my work out but I'll write up my post after that!

    1. Sounds good to me! You don't have to do it right away, I just wanted to let you know that I gave it to you. Have fun working out (is that possible?!)

  4. Aw shucks! Thanks so much. My very first blog award nomination. ;)

  5. This award has been everywhere lately! So fun to be introduced so so many great blogs!