Monday, February 23, 2015

MicroBlog Monday: Flying With Baby

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My cousin is getting married in British Columbia in June, and I really want to go to the wedding. Unfortunately, Keegan has a prior commitment, so it will just be Kieran and myself with any other members of my family that decide to go. The current plan is for us to drive up to St. Louis so that I can meet up with my mom and have some help during the flight (flights out of St. Louis are also $300 cheaper than flying out of Memphis!)

I have obviously never flown with a baby, so I am clueless about everything. My biggest questions are about car seats and food. I've heard some parents decide to check their car seats while some decide to buy their baby a ticket and have them sit in their car seats next to them during the flight. I've also just recently read that some car rental places rent our car seats as well, so we wouldn't have to bother bringing one on the flight.

As for food, I'm assuming security is ok with parents bringing formula and baby food as long as it's packaged and hasn't been opened, right? We would only be gone for a weekend, so I would probably purchase the pre-portioned packets of formula for convince.

Don't even get me started on the fact that we're going to have to get Kieran a passport.

The more I think about it, the more overwhelmed I get, but I rarely see my extended family, so it's important to me that I try and be there.

If anyone has any travel tips and advice for flying with a baby, I'm all ears!


  1. The passport part of this is the easiest. :) At least I found it to be so.

    Paxlet was just over 2 when we flew (Finland-USA) the first time, so not quite a baby anymore. We chose not to take a car seat because we were able to borrow on in our destination. But, because Paxlet was over two, we had to buy him his own seat (tiny bit cheaper than adult price). With Kieran still being young, I think you could manage having him on your lap (and trade around with other family members, if they are up for it). A sling/carrier or travel stroller might be helpful also. I think a lot of it will depend on how long your flights are and how long layovers are.

    For food, I was pleasantly surprised. We had a small water bottle for Paxlet, some fruit pouches and other liquid-y things that as long as they were roughly "travel size" no one batted an eye! Also, if you need water for formula on the flight, a flight attendant should be able to heat it and give it to you (they carry lots of water these days).

    Call the airline you will be using (or see if they have an online chat) and ask your questions. I found the person I talked/typed to very helpful and gave me the info I was needing.

  2. I have zero advice, but have a trip planned in May when Zelly will be six months. I'll be flying alone with her and I'm already wondering about the logistics too!