Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So, Funny Story....

At my last appointment, I was told to call the clinic a few days before my next appointment to double check that the nurses had faxed over my lab requests so I could get some blood work done. I was told that I needed to get the blood work done at least 3 days before my appointment. So, the appointment is on Thursday which means that I needed to get the blood work done on Monday, right? Right. So I called the clinic on Friday to remind the nurses to fax my lab requests. Only problem? They were closed due to Turkey Day. Oh well, I decided I'd call as soon as they opened Monday and get the blood work done Monday afternoon.

So, Monday morning at 8 am rolls around and I call the clinic. Nurse has no idea what I'm talking about. Says she needs to talk to the nurse that deals directly with my doctor and they'll give me a call back. The fun part about all this? I have to fast at least 12 hours before I give blood. So here I was, sitting at my computer desk, waiting for the nurse to call me back and staving. So I wait, and I wait.

Around 11, I get a call back from the nurse. She asks me what tests they're going to do which I have no answer for. I told her I assumed that they were checking my insulin levels, but besides that, I didn't know. Since we have terrible cell service at our house, I got about every other word the nurse was saying (and I'm assuming she got the same with me.) The last thing I heard was "If you have any questions, call us back" and a click. The nurse had hung up on me without me knowing if/when they were going to fax over the lab requests. Automatically, I started crying. Not just tears running down my face, but bawling. I was scared that not getting the tests done on Monday would mean that I would somehow mess up my entire next cycle and we wouldn't be able to start trying right away (I didn't say my thoughts were rational!) After settling and beginning to think normally again, I realized that my clinic has an email address and I could just email them my problem (probably something I should have done on Friday while they were closed, but hindsight is always 20/20, right?)

So I send an email explaining my problem and asking the nurse to email or call me back to tell me they had faxed over the lab requests. By this time it was 12:50 and I had a meeting at work at 1:30. I still hadn't eaten, so I run to the kitchen to grab lunch, figuring by now I would have to get the tests done on Tuesday. I open the fridge and realize that Keegan had taken my lunch to work. Great. I look at the clock and figure that I can make it to Wendy's on my way to work. I drive (alright, speed) to Wendy's and order my chicken sandwich with no mayo and fries. I start driving to work, shoveling fries into my mouth. As I open my mouth to eat the third fry, my phone rings. I bet you can guess where this is going, eh? It was the clinic, telling me that they had faxed over the lab requests and that I could go in any time to get the blood work done. Frick! Those three fries and the little bit of soda I had drank was enough to throw my levels off so now I would have to wait until Tuesday.

To top it all off, once I got to work, I pulled out my sandwich and realized they had given me the wrong one. I guess it was the diet gods smiting me for eating fast food!

I ended up fasting again last night/this morning and got my blood work done bright and early this morning, so all's good. Now just to wait until my appointment on Thursday to see how my levels are. If everything checks out, we're going to talk to our doctor about officially starting the TTC process!

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