Saturday, July 19, 2014

Breadcrumb's Nursery

When we found out that we were expecting a little boy, I knew right away that we would be doing a car theme for the nursery. We wanted something that baby boy could grow into, so we did a mix of classic car decorations with some Corvette specific things thrown in. 

You can click on any of the pictures to make them larger.

Panorama of the nursery

To the right of the door is the closet, rocking chair and window. I have a mesh bag hanging on the closet for tiny baby socks and mittens so (hopefully) they don't get eaten by the laundry gnomes. 

Inside the closet, we have all of his onesies hanging as well as a hanging closet organizer that has his pants and pajamas folded by size. Before anyone gives me grief about there being so many clothes, those are all of his clothes that we have from newborn to 2 years. 

Up top, we have things stored that we won't need until he's bigger like the Bumbo, and a cart cover. 

In the corner next to the closet is a recliner that we picked up from a local furniture store that was going out of business. We got a huge deal on it, and it'll match the rest of our furniture in our living room once we're done with it in the nursery.

Over the recliner is a baby blanket that one of our good friends knitted (crocheted?) for us. As you all know, baby boy's nickname is Breadcrumb, so our friend made us a blanket to look like a piece of toasted bread with butter on it. 

The two Corvette signs above the chair are from Hobby Lobby.

To the right of the recliner is a nightstand and clock that we picked up from Hobby Lobby, both on super sale, and Breadcrumb's bookshelf. I had that bookshelf in college but it was an ugly olive green color that didn't go with the nursery, so Keegan spray painted it a deep rust red. On top of the nightstand is a lamp we got from a consignment event for $3 and a picture Keegan took at a car show. 

Inside the night stand is a bunch of burp cloths, and random toys. I figure with time, I'll keep my pump and other breastfeeding items in the drawers since I'm hoping to spend most of my breastfeeding time in the comfy recliner. 

The bookshelf is filled with books that our friends and families gave us. For our Missouri baby shower, we asked that everyone bring their favorite children's book, instead of a card. We got a lot of the "usual" children's books, like Dr. Seuss, but we also got many that I had never heard of before!

Next to the bookshelf is the changing area. The dresser is the Kalani Combo Dresser by DaVinci in espresso which we purchased from 

We purchased the map from Hobby Lobby (and yes, we realize it doesn't have Alaska or Hawaii,) the shelves from Target and the wire hanging system from Ikea. 

The shelf on the left has a a stop sign made by my sister from our baby shower, a bunny that Keegan and I made at Build A Bear when we found out we were expecting, an alligator stuffed toy that we got from Keegan's boss, an orange plastic car toy that Keegan had when he was a baby, four red Matchbox cars from the baby shower, and a canvas that my sister made. Each little blue circle has words of wisdom for Breadcrum from our friends and families. 

The shelf on the right has a bunch of Matchbox cars from the movie Cars. Keegan loves Pixar movies and Cars is one of his favorites, so we've been slowly collecting the figurines. There's also a trophy Keegan won at a car show. 

Below the shelves are cards from friends and family, but we'll eventually switch those out for pictures of Breadcrumb and his artwork later on down the line. 

Next to the dresser is our diaper pail for our cloth diapers. 

The top drawer of the dresser has his newborn diapers, both all in ones, as well as covers and prefolds. 

The second drawer has larger diapers and extra inserts. 

The bottom drawer has blankets, sleep sacks and swaddles. 

The little drawer at the top holds an organizer with his socks and shoes, pacifiers, hats and random other bits. 

The last thing in the nursery is the crib. We purchased the Parker 4-in-1 Convertible Crib by DaVinci in coffee also from Currently there's nothing in the trundle part under the crib, but I am envisioning putting toys there when Breadcrumb gets older. 

Above the crib is a banner my sister made for our baby shower that says "It's A Boy." I'm contemplating putting his name above his crib eventually, but we haven't decided on a name yet. 

On the edges of the crib is a plane puppet that Keegan had as a child (why a plane needs hands, we're not sure,) and a stuffed Mater from Cars. Inside is a teddy bear my mom made for Breadcrumb at Build A Bear when she was down during the 4th of July weekend. The bear is currently dressed in a hoodie and pants that has my college mascot. 

The last, and maybe the most special thing, in the nursery is the blanket that Keegan's mom surprised us with at the shower. My mom doesn't sew or knit, so I was secretly hoping that Keegan's mom would make something for Breadcrumb, even though she hasn't made anything in years. It has squares of fabric from all of Keegan's favorite Pixar and Disney movies, and is really soft and plush. Technically it is supposed to be a play mat, not a quilt, but I love having it in the nursery until Breadcrumb is ready to play on it. 

That's pretty much it! If you have any questions about where we found any of the items in the nursery, feel free to ask. 


  1. You're so organized. The nursery looks perfect.

  2. You are inspiring me to finally post my baby room photos! Yours looks great! The blanket with the butter is hilarious!

  3. Love his room! We had a trundle under our crib, too. I used it to store extra mattress pads and crib sheets, as well as extra blankets and swaddle mes.

  4. You did SUCH a good job!! The playmat is adorable, and everything looks so cozy and welcoming. I LOVE the bread & butter blanket SO MUCH and the hanging cards… It's all so great :) Are you waiting until you "meet" Breadcrumb to decide on a name, or you just haven't decided yet?

  5. Wow! You are seriously one organized and prepared mama! Looks like you and your friends and family have had a wonderful time decorating the nursery. Maybe I should start doing more than cleaning shelves and closets in my house...

  6. Wow, the nursery is gorgeous! and so organized!

  7. i love it!
    your house is so adorable.
    that banner above the crib is so cool, and that map is my favorite!