Tuesday, November 11, 2014

16 Minute Club Subscription Box Review

When I was pregnant, I heard about the 16 Minute Club subscription box, but promptly forgot about it after Kieran was born. I re-found it last week and decided to order a box. Your first box comes with a small binder that contains information about breastfeeding. In each box, you will get another chapter to add to your binder that has to do with your baby's milestones during that month. If you'd like to see a review of the first box, you can watch this video.

A description of the box from the website: "Breastfeeding is natural yet not always easy. The 16 Minute club breastfeeding program will provide support and resources delivered directly to your door to get you through any obstacles you may face as your baby advances and develops...Each box contains a chapter of our breastfeeding handbook and a collection of products designed to support the changing developmental milestones as a baby grows."

Because I ordered the box when Kieran was about 2.5 months, I received the 4th box of the series. The box cost $35.00 (but I had a coupon for 10% off which made it $31.50,) and here's what I received:

Buggy Hook in red, $8.99

Use / Not Use: Probably use. I can see this being handy when I'm trying to carry 20 grocery bags because I hate making multiple trips! 

Use / Not Use: Use! Having a library for Kieran is really important to me and the fact this this book is rip proof will come in handy when he's older. 

Sugar Booger Diaper Organizer bags (clean and dirty bags only) - Approximately $13 (the set below is $20 on Amazon, but we only received the two dirty and clean bags)

Use / Not Use: Probably use. I wish they were more like my wet bags I use for the cloth diapers (these bags have mesh on the back,) but I'll keep one in the diaper bag just in case. 

Use / Not Use: Use! These will be great to keep in the diaper bag for when I forget our wipes....which I've done before. Thank goodness for public bathroom paper towels! 

Infinity Teether Rattle by Green Sprouts - $8.13

Use / Not Use: Use! We used this the night I received it and Kieran likes it. He's still too young to actually grab it, but he seemed to like looking at the bright colors and listening to the rattle. 

Cranberry Almond Oatmeal Milkin' Cookie - Approximately $1.50

Use / Not Use: Definitely used this one. It was in my mouth 2 seconds after I opened the box. It was delicious and I need to find a recipe to make my own! 

Use / Not Use: Will probably use. I'll put it in my diaper bag just in case I ever forget our regular changing pad. I do like how this one covers the entire table unlike the one that came with our diaper bag which Kieran is quickly outgrowing. 

Purity Breast Milk Storage Bags (4) - approximately $1.20

Use / Not Use: Use. You can never have too many freezer bags. 

Use / Not Use: Probably not use. Both my diaper bag and stroller have an area for water bottles so I don't think I'll have a need for this. 

- Breast milk storage guidelines magnet from Milkin' Cookies 

Use / Not Use: already on the fridge

- $5 towards your next purchase from Bamboobies as well as a sample of their organic nipple balm

Use / Not Use: I already have some Bamboobies and they're ok. I have another set of breast pads that I like more, so I may use this coupon to buy some for a friend. 

- 20% off next purchase from The Dairy Fairy 

Use / Not Use: I'm not sure if I'll use this. I have a very large bra size and while they claim they have a size that'll fit me, I don't know if I want to take the risk. If anyone wants the coupon code, let me know! 

Total box worth: approximately $55.03 (without adding in coupons)

Total of what I'll actually use: approximately $52.53

I'm really happy with this box. It is more than worth what I paid for it, and it introduced me to brands I've never heard of before. I know I'm going to order at least one more, and if I still like it, I'm going to ask for the rest of the boxes for Christmas. 

Do you receive any subscription boxes? If so, let me know! I think I've been bitten by the subscription box bug. 

I paid for this box with my own money and decided to review it so that other ladies could learn about the service. All opinions are my own. Links are affiliate links. 


  1. I've always found the bark box intriguing for my dog. I've never subscribed but amalways tempted.

    1. I've heard good things about the Bark Box. I wish there was one for cat! (I'm sure there is, I'm just too lazy to go look lol)

  2. ^^Me too on the Bark Box! I keep wanting to get it for my beasts but I never take the plunge. This is a really good review though. I like that you put whether you'll use it and the pricing. I'll have to look into it now!!

    1. Do it! It's a nice surprise to get each month.

  3. Wow, thank you for this post. I have been looking at quite a few subscription boxes and never heard of this one. Definitely want to check it out. Is there some sort of code or something I can use to give you credit for a referral?