Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kieran 3 Months

If you want to see this post that include pictures of Kieran, go to our family blog. If you need the password, let me know below! 
Height: Approximately 23.5 inches
Weight: unknown
Head circumference: unknown
Clothing: He can wear anything from 0-3, 3 month, or 3-6 month clothing depending on the brand. The majority of the clothes are too big in his shoulders and stomach area, but he's still long with the added fluff in the booty from his diapers, so he needs the length of the larger sizes. Carter's brand fits him best, but it's also the most expensive, so I try to grab pieces when they're on sale.
We're still cloth diapering and started using cloth wipes this month as well after the brand of wipes we use was recalled due to a bacteria issue.
Nicknames: Chubby Cheekers, Bubba, Mister Man, Grumpy Gills when he's super fussy.
Food: Still exclusively breastfed. We've been playing games with trying to fill up his tummy before bedtime to try and get a larger chunk of sleep, but nothing we've done has really helped. We tried feeding him from one side for 30 minutes so that he gets the fattier hindmilk, feeding from both sides for 15 minutes, and feeding him a 5 ounce bottle. There wasn't a big improvement with any method, so we flip between feeding on one side and feeding on both, depending on when his last feed was.
Sleep: Sleep has been so-so this month. Right after he turned 2 months old, he regressed to newborn sleep - getting up every 1-3 hours. Mama was tired! It has gotten better lately with him sleeping from 9-4 and 9-1 the past couple of nights. We were putting him to bed around 7 or 8, but if he only does a 5 hour chunk of sleep, that means he's waking up at 1 or 2, just a few hours after we go to bed. If we keep him up until 9, he seems to sleep until at least 2, which gives me a good four hour chunk of sleep.
Naps: Naps are still hit or miss. We've finally gotten a loose schedule for naps - he'll fall asleep on the drive to work, 2-3 hours after waking up for the day (usually between 9 and 10 am,) then again around noon or 1, and then one more nap in the afternoon anywhere between 3 and 5 pm. Naps will last between 20 minutes and 3 hours. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the length, so it's hard for me to try and get things done because I never know how long I have.
At work, he sleeps best in the Ergo, but there have been a few times when he's fallen asleep in my lap after nursing.
Milestones & Tidbits:
- Nana and Grandpa Wright came to visit! This was Ann's second time meeting Kieran, and Kenton's first.
- We had a medical scare that required Kieran to have an MRA under sedation, but everything came back clear!
- We've noticed that Kieran holds his thumb in between his second and third fingers
- He has also found his hands and has started holding them together. Sometime we can pry them apart and place a toy in his hands and he'll hold it for a few minutes
- He started doing this at 2 months, but we're still getting smiles. He smiles when we talk or tickle him, as well as recognition smiles. He lights up when Keegan comes home from work which makes my heart so happy!
- Still a drooling machine and still loves to suck on his hands or arms. He's started trying to fit both fists in his mouth at the same time, but that doesn't go well. Both Keegan and I have become a teether when we've held him and he's decided our hands are tasty.
- He found his voice this month. His soft coos have turned into loud talking and babbling. He hasn't started the screeching phase yet, thankfully.
- He's still batting at toys, especially the ones on his play mat, but he also started reaching for toys that I am holding. He's not the best at holding onto them, but it's a start!
- We got our first giggles! I was giving Kieran raspberries on his tummy at work one day and he giggled all of a sudden. He wouldn't do it for Keegan for another couple of days, but I eventually got him to giggle again with lots of kisses. Lately, only Keegan can get him to giggle by tickling him under his chin.
- He rolled over from back to front for the first time. I put him on his play mat on his back, and Keegan noticed a few minutes later that he was on his side. We were both in the kitchen when he started crying and when we looked over at him, he was on his tummy! He hasn't done it again since, but he will roll to his side often on the play mat or when we're changing his diaper.
- He still gets hiccups, but thankfully not everyday like it used to be. He's able to handle them better and only gets frustrated if they last longer than 5ish minutes. One day, he got 4 bouts of hiccups in one day! The only thing that'll make them go away is nursing.
- We celebrated Kieran's first Halloween! We didn't do anything, but he did wear his "costume"
- My work had an event at which there was a fire. Kieran was extremely interested in the flickering lights
- We sat him in his bumbo for the first time
Likes: Snuggles, eating, sleeping, bath time, his Kick and Play Piano playmat, Daddy, going for walks, looking around at all of the new sights and sounds.
Dislikes: Getting his clothes changed (he doesn’t like things going over his head,) getting his diaper changed, being cold, being in the car seat when the car isn't moving.
Baby + Work Update: Having him at work with me has gotten more difficult since he's not as content to just lay there, he wants to be played with and entertained. Since my coworker has left, I'm going to bring in his play mat so that he'll have some toys to play with. We have gotten into a good routine and I'm able to be mommy and work. It helps that my coworkers absolutely love him and are willing to take him for a few minutes when I need to get something done.
Kieran gets more fun as he gets older. His smiles warm my heart, and seeing him get so excited to see Keegan is the best part of my day. I love his laugh and wish I could get him to do it more often!


  1. I'd like to get the password! I've been following your blog since before you were pregnant, and I really enjoy seeing him as it gives me a little glimpse of the finish line!

    1. Let me know what your email is and I'll send it to you!

  2. I'd like the password :) I'm glad things are going well!

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  5. I would love the password! How are you doing? Are you feeling healed after your c section? I struggle still some days almost 3 weeks post. So glad little guy is doing well!

    1. Can I have your email so I can send it to you?

      I'm doing ok. My incision took over 12 weeks to heal (OB said it's because of my gestational diabetes.) It still gets a bit hurt-y if I wear undies what rub up against it, so I'm still wearing my huge underwear from birth. I still have some pain if I twist wrong, but overall, the pain is gone. I have no strength in my abs, I have to use my husband to sit myself up in bed. Of all things, part of my bellybutton has lost its feeling!


      Wow that took a long time but I guess it makes sense it's from the GD. Mine is still sore but has an infected pore that keeps weeping and has been for 3 weeks. So annoying! I have weird numbness in my thighs from the epidural I'm thinking. Also strange carpel tunnel like pain in both my hands. Child birth does some wacky things to the body!!

  6. I would like to to have the password and follow along :)

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