Monday, April 13, 2015

Microblog Monday: Taking A Moment

Kieran fell asleep on me when I was trying to get him down for his nap this morning. It's rare for him to fall asleep on me these days, so even though I had work to get done, I let him sleep. He stirred after about 20 minutes, so I transferred him to his crib, but those 20 minutes of staring at his sleeping face were perfect. 

I thought back to all those months of trying to get pregnant. The medications, the blood draws, the timed sex. The hope, and then the crushing disappointment when another month failed. I also thought of those of you who are still trying. I hope with all of my heart that your dreams come true, and you can also have a little one asleep on your lap someday soon. 


  1. Such a sweet moment. I'm glad you were not only able to enjoy it, but able to capture it.

  2. Reading this with Owen asleep on me. Perfection xoxo