Sunday, February 17, 2013

First (Cheap!) Baby Buys

I've officially purchased my first baby items! I noticed that the Krazy Coupon Lady had a coupon for a free nursing pillow from I'm not one to pass up and awesome deal, so I went to investigate.

I decided to purchase a pillow, the Serenity. It is originally $39.95 but I paid only $12, for the shipping.

After I checked out, I got a coupon for "100%" off a nursing cover, a sling, and a car seat cover

I got my nursing cover from Udder Covers and I purchased the Caleb cover, originally $34.95. I paid $11.90 in shipping. 

I purchased my "Knott" car seat cover from Carseat Canopy which was originally $49.95.This time I paid $12.90 for shipping. 

My sling is from Seven Everyday Slings. I got the Green Vibe sling, originally $39.95. I paid $11.90 in shipping. 

Total, I paid $48.70 in shipping for 4 baby items. You can think of it as paying for the carseat cover and getting the sling, pillow and nursing cover totally free! 

My only worry about this was that I haven't heard much about these companies. They aren't the "name brands" that people register for. I figured that since they were all so cheap, if I end up not liking them, I'm at an age where many of my friends are having babies so I can always give them as gifts. 

I think the whole specific colors for specific genders thing is a bit ridiculous, so I purchased items in colors and patterns that I liked. It just happened to be that out of the colors and patterns available, I liked the cooler tones (greens and blues.) I'm totally fine with using a blue nursing pillow or nursing cover for a girl, it's not like she's going to be wearing it. 

I know that since these companies are getting such huge orders suddenly, a few of my items won't be here for a couple of weeks. Once I get everything, I'll post pictures and do a short review. Of course, I won't be able to do a full review until I'm using them with a little one!

I'm not sure how long this sale will be going on, so if you have a pregnant friend, co-worker, or think you might be getting pregnant in the near future, now would be the time to get a great deal on a few baby items! 

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