Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh The Irony

Yesterday morning, Keegan left for a week of flouncing around San Francisco job training. I wasn't worried that we'd miss my fertile window because at my appointment last Thursday, my doctor was so adamant that I had ovulated on Cycle Day 14 (February 20.) That is until last night, when on a whim, I took an OPK and saw this:

Yes my friends, that would be a positive OPK (or at least the most positive I've ever seen)

I thought it was a fluke, perhaps hormones leaving my body after ovulating on CD 14. All those thoughts went out the window when I took another OPK this morning and saw this: 

Hey look! Two in a row! 

The one from last night (2/24, CD18) is on top, the one from this morning (2/25 CD19) is on the bottom. 

After getting the second positive, I texted Keegan and asked if he could overnight some of his swimmers to me, but he didn't think his boss would appreciate him charging that to the company card, so it looks like we're out of luck. I would have the teeniest tiny bit of hope if we had sexed it up on Saturday night like I had planned hoped, but we were up way too late watching Braveheart. I think it's safe to say that this cycle is a bust. 

I have mixed feelings. Like Keegan said when I texted him the first picture, at least I'm (supposedly) ovulating. My chart doesn't support that claim, but if these aren't positive OPKs, then I don't know what are. On the other hand, I'm not going to be getting any baby making time until Sunday, so our chance of conceiving are slim to none.

I was planning on getting the Clear Blue Digital OPKs because I thought I wasn't reading these internet cheapies correctly (since my doctor was so sure I ovulated on CD14,) but I can read these ones loud and clear. Anyone have any opinions either way? I like that the Clear Blue OPKs have a digital reading that flat out tells you if you're ovulating, but they're close to $40 for a 20 day supply. If I just use the OPKs on cycle day 11 until I get a positive, (unlike cycle days 5-19 like I did this cycle,) I could potentially stretch them out for two cycles. However, I got 50 internet cheapies and 10 pregnancy tests for like $15. Decisions, decisions.    

Maybe I'll just hold out for immaculate conception.  

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