Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good Thoughts Needed

I know this isn't infertility related, but it's important. Remember that friend who I said had disappeared Monday night in my Letter To The Universe post? Well, after three days, he still hasn't been found. 

He went for a run around 8:30 Monday night in Liberty, Missouri and never came home. His dad went out that night searching for him, and since Tuesday morning, the police and hundreds of volunteers have been searching. The K9 units find his scent, but then it mysteriously disappears. He has a wife and a 13 month old son who are missing him dearly. I know not many of you are from this area, so I'm just asking for prayers, good thoughts, whatever it is that you do, to be sent out into the universe.

If you're from that area and are wanting to help, you can contact the Bring Chad Rogers Home facebook page. 

Guys, I feel so guilty about going on vacation when this is happening. I would drive up to Missouri to help in a heartbeat, but our plane tickets were purchased with my grandpa's air miles and they cannot be changed or returned. I am so torn about having Keegan meet my grandparents for perhaps the only time and just calling the entire thing off and going up to KC to help search for Chad. Is it selfish of me to fly off and have fun with my family while another family is hurting? 

Chad is an amazing guy, and I can't imagine anything happening to him.  


  1. do not feel bad hunnie. while these horrible things happen in the world are so tragic, they do happen. and they are out of your control. feel good about going to spend that time with your family for the days are too short and it is important to create your own memories as well!
    praying they find that man and he returns to his family!

  2. That is so sad. I sure hope they find him soon!

  3. I'm so so sorry. I hope everything turns out okay. : (

    I agree with Sarah - it is important to create your own memories. Don't feel guilty about going on vacation.


  4. Hi from ICLW; my heart goes out to his family! Like the other ladies, I think the other volunteers are doing their best to help. Count on them and enjoy your family.

  5. This picture of him with his child just breaks my heart.