Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Want To Thank You

Over the last year or so, I've read many infertility blogs. I've read stories of hope and excitement when a woman who has struggled gets a positive test. I've read stories of women recalling the difficult days in the trenches while their miracles sleep peacefully on their laps. Stories like this give me hope.

But I've also read stories of hurt, sadness, despair, anger, unfairness. Stories from mothers of babies who were taken too early. These stories make me angry and sad and force me to question why these babies had to go, why these mother and fathers have to suffer.

These stories make me scared. While I want nothing more than to be pregnant, I'm also scared of becoming one of those stories. I honestly don't know if I would be able to handle having that hope and excitement taken away from me in an instant.

But, I know that I would be ok, eventually.

I've seen many women, too many women, have to overcome the hurt that is infant and pregnancy loss. It hurts me that so many women that I've met though this blog, women who I call my friends, have had to go through such a horrible experience.

I want to thank those women.

I want to thank them because I know that if I ever have that hope and excitement taken away from me, those women will be there with a shoulder to cry on, helpful advice, or a comforting word. They will be there with extra support when the days get tough, and there to celebrate when things seem to be going ok.

Because of these women, I would be ok, eventually.

I want to thank those women for being so strong. So supportive, to all women, even if they haven't gone through a loss. For being an inspiration.

I'm thinking about all of you today.


  1. you are just one strong rock. girlfriend, i love you.
    more and more by the day.
    you amaze me.
    and i thank YOU for being you.