Sunday, January 12, 2014

Breadcrumb Week 10

How far along: 10 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: -10 pounds

Symptoms: Nausea, food aversions, tiredness. We're still in bed by 8:30 more often than not. Loss of sex drive, but I'm happy to say we broke the streak on Friday. I've been taken off my Metformin, so hopefully that'll help with the nausea

Maternity clothes: Still using the hair tie trick on my size 16 pants but I did buy some maternity pants from Old Navy. I wore them out on Saturday, and they kept falling down. While they're more comfortable than my regular jeans, I'm not sure how often I'll wear them because they're still a bit big. As soon as I get home, I'm either in yoga pants or PJ pants.

Stretch marks: Nothing new. I have a few on my stomach from when I gained weight in the past, but they're really light.

Sleep: Sleep has gotten better since I got the ok from my OB to sleep on my stomach until 24 weeks. Once we hit that magical milestone, I was told I have to sleep on my sides.

Best moment last week: We had our first OB appointment, found out our official due date (August 10 which also changed the day my weeks turn over,) and saw Breadcrumb again at 9 weeks, 4 days with a heartbeat of 176. We also got to see his/her legs kick!

The little nub at on the left side of the body is a foot!
Movement: Too early.

Food cravings: I finally got CiCi's mac n' cheese pizza! It was as wonderful as I remember and totally curbed my craving. I've been craving a chocolate cupcake recently.

Gender: Don't know yet, though I have my suspicions. If you believe in the heartbeat old wives tales, then we're having a girl

Labor signs: Zilch, thank goodness.

Belly button? In, no change

What I miss: Nothing, really.

What I am looking forward to: Seeing Breadcrumb at our next appointment, starting to plan the nursery

Baby Buys: Still waiting on the cloth diapers that I ordered last week, got some more onesies from Old Navy on super sale

Milestones: Making it to 10 weeks and having our first OB appointment!


  1. Hooray sex! Great pics—foot!! Glad you satisfied your craving… Though I guess now it's just on to the new one :)

  2. An August baby. How exciting! Glad things are going well.