Sunday, May 4, 2014

Breadcrumb Week 26

How far along: 26 weeks!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: No scale, no idea. I'll find out at my appointment this week.

  • food aversions, specifically protein.
  • tiredness
  • loss of sex drive
  • constipation
  • getting winded easier
  • super vibrant dreams  
  • heartburn / acid reflux  
  • round ligament pains
  • fast heart rate
  • Swelling - feet once this week, my hands might be a bit puffier, my rings are definitely tighter. 
  • lower back and period like pains - over the weekend, I've had pretty painful lower back pain as well as period like cramps. I think they are due to walking around too much at a local festival, but I'm going to keep my eye on them. 

Maternity clothes: We're definitely getting into summer here in the south. I'm going to love dresses, maxi skirts and capris!  

Stretch marks: I might have found a stretch mark. I can't tell if it's a new one, or one that I had from weight gain when I was younger that has just gotten red and angry.   

Sleep: Very hit and miss. Some nights I'm out like a light, some nights I'm up all the time peeing and repositioning. Most nights I get up 2-4 times to pee. 
Best moment last week: On Monday, our area got hit pretty bad by storms and tornadoes. My coworkers, Keegan and myself were hunkered down in my work's basement to ride out the tornadoes when Breadcrumb decided to have a dance party. I grabbed Keegan's hand in the dark and put it on my stomach. Breadcrumb gave a good kick and Keegan exclaimed "woah!" It was the first time Keegan has for sure felt Breadcrumb kick and it was a nice strong one!  

Movement: Eating breakfast will get him to move, and he'll normally give me a few goodnight kicks while I'm laying in bed. So far, I can't tell if sugar or spicy makes him move any more than normal.   

Food cravings: Still water, especially with it getting hotter out, but this week I've also been liking toasted bagels with peanut butter. 

Gender: Our little man!

Labor signs: Zilch, thank goodness.

Belly button? Hasn't changed much this week. Still not sure if it'll become and outie by the end.   

What I miss: Coke/Pepsi, and not peeing so much. Keegan's best friend visited us this weekend and left a 2 liter of Pepsi with us that's sitting in our fridge taunting me!   

What I am looking forward to: Our first baby shower is just three weeks away!

Baby Buys: I was at a conference with my coworkers in the middle of the week and we stopped at Target. I found this cute 6"x6" vintage car canvas for Breadcrumb's nursery. 

Milestones: While walking around Target, I had a male worker come up to me and ask if I was having twins. After I laughed and said that I was only having one, he proceeded to tell me about his aunt who had triplets, twin girls which they knew about, and a brother who surprised everyone when he came out. It was the first time a stranger had acknowledged my pregnancy, let alone asked how many I'm having. 

I also realized we're in double digests until Breadcrumb comes out to meet us!


  1. What a cute little bump! I bet that's exciting having strangers notice you are pregnant!

    1. It's...different! I'm not huge on having attention all on me, so when strangers ask, I get embarrassed and flustered.

  2. Your bump is adorable and you look like a pregnant lady but I don't think you look like you are having twins!!! At least not yet ;) do the period like cramps happen for a min, stop and then come back?? Not to freak you out but my midwife has described contractions/early labor feeling like that so I'd definitely keep track of those! Can you not cheat and have 1/2 of a coke at this point? As long as its not diet what's the problem, too much sugar/artificial flavors?

    1. Thankfully the lower back ache has gone away now. I was worried about it being related to contractions, but it was more like an all day ache, not one that would come and go.

      As for the Coke question, Keegan and I agreed at the beginning of the pregnancy that I would try to not drink anything with caffeine. Not really sure why, just something we agreed to. I know it's safe now, and I'll steal a few sips of K's soda if we're out at a restaurant, but now it almost feels like a challenge to myself if I can make it all the way to August!

    2. :) Gottcha! Glad the back pain has subsided!

  3. You don't look at ALL like you are having twins--unless you were like 15 weeks with twins! People have no idea! You look great! :)

  4. I'm still so glad that you are preggie!