Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kieran One Month

Height: Will find out at his one month appointment on Wednesday

Weight: Ditto. I'll be surprised if he hasn't reached 10 pounds

Clothing: He can wear anything from newborn to 3 month clothes depending on the brand. The 3 month clothes are a bit big in the shoulder area, but he's long, and his cloth diapers add some padding in the booty region, so they fit him length wise.

Nicknames: Fussy Pants, Chunker, Chunk-a-monk, Chubby Cheeks, Chubby Cheekers, Little Love, Baby Boy

Food: After being on formula for the first week and a half of his life, he's officially only on breast milk now. I'm also pumping and giving him at least a bottle a day so that he is used to taking a bottle for if/when he goes to daycare.

Sleep: One plus to having such a large baby is that he already sleeps throughout the night. We'll put him to bed between 9 and 10, he'll sleep until 3-5, eat for about half an hour, and then he'll fall back asleep until around 7 (most nights. The last couple of nights, getting him back down to sleep after his feed has been a bit difficult.)

Naps: Unfortunately he doesn't sleep much throughout the day. He'll sleep in the car and will take short cat naps, but he'll only sleep for long periods of time if he's lying on me or Keegan. As much as I enjoy him sleeping through the night, I would gladly wake up again if he'd give me a good hour or two nap during the day so I could get things done!

Milestones: I think we may be getting smiles. They're not really brought on by anything, but I catch them once in a while after he's just woken up, or when he's hanging out. He's also holding his head up really well. He'll be hanging out on his tummy on Keegan's chest, and he'll hold his head up well enough that they're looking eye to eye.

He got to meet my parents and youngest sister as well as Keegan's mom. We're hoping he's able to meet my other sister and Keegan's dad and brother soon!

Likes: Snuggles, eating, sleeping, bath time, tummy time.

Dislikes: Getting his clothes changed (he doesn't like things going over his head,) getting his diaper changed, being cold, being left alone while I try to get something done.

I cannot believe we've had this little boy in our lives for a month already. We got really lucky with him; he's a great sleeper, he travels well and he's overall a happy baby. My only "complaint" is that he doesn't nap well throughout the day, so it's difficult to get things done, but I'd much rather sit on the couch with him asleep on my chest than do dishes. Sometimes I look at him while he's sleeping and get teary eyed. For so long, it seemed like we'd never have a child; I cannot believe how lucky we are to have this wonderful little boy in our lives.


  1. i can't believe its been a whole month already either!!!!
    i remember crue never napped during the day, ay yi yi! it can be hard even tho they sleep so well at night! i totally remember wanting to get some stuff done, but now i know that everything can wait!
    i hope the appt goes well!

  2. My kids never slept very much during the day either, that's a tough one! I'm glad he's sleeping so well at night though! I can't believe he's a month old already! :)

  3. So fun to read an update on your little boy! I'm glad you have a great night-sleeper, and hope that he gets the hang of daytime sleeping too. I've read that babies want to be held/carried to sleep because they spent 9 months being carried and close to us...makes sense, but doesn't make it practical! I too would still rather hold them than do dishes. :)

  4. Time is flying. Wow. I'm so glad he's eating and sleeping well. Are you feeling less overwhelmed now?