Monday, October 27, 2014

MRA Results

Keegan talked to our doctor's nurse today and finally got the official results from Kieran's MRA (for some reason it took over a week for the hospital to fax them over to our pediatrician.)

The results are good. Everything in his brain looks perfect; good blood flow, his brain is developing as it should, no masses.

As happy as we are to receive good news, it doesn't explain the asymmetry. We're not sure what our next steps are because our pediatrician clinic is a father/son team, and we've been seeing the son primarily, but the father was the one who reviewed the results today and told us the news. It'll be the son who decides what our next steps are and he's out of town right now.

So now we wait again. I will update when we have more news!


  1. Fantastic news for his brain! Hmmm, I thought all faces had asymmetry... (of course I'm no doctor!)
    I hope the son doctor can provide some info and relief soon upon his return. Keeping your family in my thoughts.

  2. What great news that it came back normal! I hope you can get more answers soon and out this whole thing behind you.

  3. I am so glad his brain is looking good! I agree with Marcy, all faces have asymmetry. I do not have a very symmetrical face at all and life goes on. I hope you continue to get good news! Hang in there!

  4. My daughter was born with a plagiocephealy basically flat baby head but came from utero with it she also had a pretty bad torticollis, now she seemed fine at birth and wasn't until about three four month it was obvious and it was at this point her face was asymmetric and her neck wasn't strengthening. We went through tons or frieighten testing from fatal to end it was decided it was due to how she laid in utero and with therapy she would out grow this...about every 6 months we would notice a growth spurt every other spurt we would be like wow what an improvement and the other oh dear this is worse. We were given option of a helmet but since her asymmetrical issues were frontal and facial not really an option. Her oral surgeon did a work up on her jaw line and was able to confirm her jaw growth plates were adequate and not need intervention other than braces at puberty. I fretted for four years...she's eight this year and I can't believe the changes with growth. Just wanted to share with you this situation it's not yours but it is a facet of maybe what your up against.