Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cycle Days 1-6

So I totally meant to post my last chart on cycle day 1, but obviously that didn't happen.

So.....here it is!

Now do you see why I thought I needed a new thermometer? Granted, many of the days throughout the holidays I didn't wake up at my normal time, so I'm sure that threw off things, but sheesh.

I bought a new thermometer when I also purchased some OPKs and pregnancy tests, but it was wonky as well. The first morning, it told me that my temp was 94.6, 95.8 and then 96 something which obviously wasn't right, so I'm back to using my old thermometer which seems to be working better these days. 

I was worried how my body was going to handle my period since I wasn't going to be starting a new pack of BC which normally forces things to taper off, but everything worked out fine. 4 days plus a day of spotting which is what I had when I was on BC. Now, I'm just waiting for cycle day 11 to start using the OPKs which my doctor suggested. 

I see now what so many other women have said about trying to conceive being a waiting game. Waiting for my period to start. Waiting to start using the OPKs. That dreaded two week wait. I guess if anything, this whole experience will teach me patience. 

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