Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So you know how I was going on and on yesterday about how it was cycle day 28 and I should be expecting my period soon?

Well......I should probably check FertilityFriend before I start spewing out facts that aren't true.

As I was putting my temperature into FertilityFriend this morning, I realized that today was cycle day 20, meaning yesterday was only cycle day 19. Somehow I saw yesterday's date, January 28, and morphed that into my cycle day. Once I realized what I had done, I definitely did a Homer:

I think that I also believed that I was so late in my cycle because I have all the symptoms of starting my period. I've been cramping and my boobs have been super tender for the last couple of days. A little itty bitty bit of me is hopeful that these are symptoms of pregnancy, but both my OPKs and my temperatures show no ovulation this month, so the chance of this cycle ending in a pregnancy is slim to none. Still, it's hard not to hope. I guess you could say I'm cautiously optimistic.  

I'm thinking of stopping the OPKs for the rest of this cycle because the lines from the past couple of days are so light you can barely see them. I'm still going to start using the OPKs earlier in my next cycle to see if I ovulate earlier in my cycle than cycle day 11. At the very least, they'll be proof for my doctor that the birth control didn't "regulate" me and I still don't ovulate on my own. 

Anyways, today is only cycle day 20 which means I should expect my period to come in a little over a week if it stays on the 28 day cycle I was on when I was taking birth control. I still stand by the idea that if this cycle runs past 40 days, I'm going to ask my doctor for Provera to force start my period. 

So now we wait....for a bit longer. 

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