Saturday, March 2, 2013

There's A First Time For Everything

So I was planning on posting about how the increase in my Metformin has been going (quite well if you're curious,) but after I put my temperature into my FertiltiyFriend app this morning, I was surprised to see.....

Cross hairs! I've been temping for 5 cycles now and I've never seen cross hairs. Granted, three of those were on birth control so I wasn't expecting anything, but nonetheless, I am excited. 

Of course, there's still no hope for this cycle since we hadn't sexed it up since cycle day 13 because Keegan was traveling for work this past week. Besides that fact, it's still exciting to see my body actually do something right for once. Of course I now feel stupid for spending $35 on the Clear Blue Digital OPKs because I thought I wasn't reading the cheap OPKs correctly. However, after seeing a true positive, I now know that all of the other OPKs I've used have been negative. 

I am curious how long my luteal phase will be. If my body stays with the 28 day cycle it's has been doing for the last 4 cycles, I will only have a 7 day luteal phase which I don't believe is long enough. I guess things will go two ways: either I will have an extremely short luteal phase which could potentially cause problems, or I will have a 35ish day cycle which, while not necessarily a bad thing, will be annoying. I'm also afraid that if I do start having longer cycles, my body will fall back into not cycling for 4 months. 

Even though this cycle is pretty much busted, I have renewed hope for the next cycle. Hopefully if my body continues to do what it's supposed to do, we can get pregnant on our own. 

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  1. I remember those long cycles. You are right, they are SO annoying. And short phases are so confusing. The whole thing just SUCKS. I feel you girlfriend.
    Im thrilled to see your crosshairs though!!! Keep on workin body!