Friday, March 22, 2013

Sexing in the Mid West

So Keegan (my husband) and I have a potential conflict that could make this cycle another no-go.

Some background information:
Keegan and I moved to Mississippi in May of 2011, just two days after my college graduation. Moving to the south means that we are now about 7 hours away from his parents and about 9 hours away from mine (both live in Missouri.) Because of the drive and the fact that my husband gets almost no time off work, we don't get to go home very often. The last time we graced mid-west soils was back in September.

For some strange reason, Keegan gets Good Friday (March 29) off this year (however he didn't get MLK day off...go figure.) Good Friday also happens to be my mom's birthday this year. We decided since it's been 6 months since we've been home, we'd take Keegan's unexpected day off work and surprise my mom for her birthday.

Now, the problem is, the weekend of Good Friday is also the weekend that FertilityFriend predicts will be my fertile window with me ovulating on the Monday after. As I see it, we have a few options:

1. Not go to Missouri so that we don't have to risk missing my fertile window.

2. Stay in a hotel instead of my parent's house for the duration of our stay.

3. Find some shady hotel where you can rent a room for an hour at a time and do our business on a fluids covered comforter while cockroaches crawl around.......ewwwwwww. That grosses me out just typing it.

4. Try and do the deed while the family's away or sleeping.

5: Act like teenagers and sex it up in the back of my car.

6. Not worry about this cycle and just try again next cycle.

Potential problems:

Option 1: I've already told my dad and one of my sisters that we're coming. It'll be hard to back out now, and besides, I really want to see my family. It's been too long.

Option 2: We could stay in a hotel, but that's an extra cost that we don't want to pay. I also don't really want to tell my dad that we're staying in a hotel just so we can sex. That image doesn't need to be in his head.

Option 3: Besides the fact that this option is just gross, I don't know if my hometown has any shady hotels. If it does, I don't know where they are, and I don't really want to find out.

Option 4:  Besides the fact that we're going to be stuck on a pull out couch in the living room which isn't the most private place in the house, my younger sisters will be home for Spring Break so that's two extra people we have to make sure don't walk in on us. Also, doing the deed in my parents house isn't exactly on my bucket list of things to do before I die.

Option 5: Since we're taking my Mazda CX-5 (a crossover,) this option might work. Lay down the back seats and there's just enough room for a romp. Only problem is that the chance of getting caught by the cops. That's just plain embarrassing.

Option 6: The way I see it, this is probably the best option. What's one more month, right?

Unless someone can come up with another idea, I think that option 6 is our best choice. I've only ovulated once (that I know of) since we started this journey so who knows, maybe my body will get its act together and ovulate on cycle day 14 like a "normal" person. Or, the starts may align and I won't ovulate until we get back from our trip. I guess I'll just diligently take my OPKs and see what happens.

Anyone else had a trip get in the way of making a baby? If you have, what did you do about it? Sex it up while everyone was asleep? Revisit your teenage years in the back of a car? Or just shrug your shoulder and wait for the next cycle?


  1. I hate waiting! Soooo... what about an very early morning "shower"?! Turn on the water, lock the door, do the baby dance then go straight back to bed! The car idea is good too, but it is hard to relax in fear of getting caught!.. unless of course you have a very wooded lot to park in :)

  2. oh no!! i dont know what i would do! id probably just try to bang quietly at night! depending on what your room situation would be for the week. tho i know thatd be MUCH easier at my parents than it would be at DH's parents. yikes! i hope maybe youll be fertile on your way home or something!

  3. hi from iclw! this post makes me chuckle, I say do it at their house!