Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Well That Was Unexpected + Update

Today, just like every morning, I was rudely awakened by my alarm, stuck my thermometer in my mouth while trying to keep the cat from playing with it, and then stumbled to the bathroom to take an OPK. However, unlike every other morning, I was greeted with this:

Before everyone gets too excited, that's a positive OPK, not a positive pregnancy test. 

I certainly wasn't expecting to see a smiley face looking back at me when I went and checked my OPK before leaving for work. I did a double take and then popped out the test strip to see: 

I know the directions say not to judge how positive/negative the OPK is by the test strip, but if that was an internet cheapie, I'd say it's pretty darn positive. Of course since the digital OPK takes three minutes to process, I had already thrown out my urine so I wasn't able to double check with an internet cheapie. I was thisclose to taking an OPK to work, but on second thought, I'm not that brave. I don't really wish to have that conversation with my boss. I'll probably double check when I get home tonight. 

I am so surprised because these are my OPKs from the last two days: 

They went from barely anything there to holy crap dark.

I think it's also funny that I got a positive today because right before I checked the OPK, I checked at my chart which looks like a hot mess: 

Also, I didn't get a positive until CD 18 on my last cycle so a positive on CD 16 was completely unexpected. If this cycle acts anything like last cycle, I expect to get positives on cycle days 16 (today,) 17, and 18 with ovulation on 19. Looks like we may have to sex right before we leave for my parent's house and maybe once there, but we'll see how my OPKs look.

Looks like the fertility gods might be shining down on us today. Hopefully our luck will continue throughout the two week wait.  

Edit: For the last 3ish hours, I've had horrible pains in my right abdomen area where I believe my ovary is. Right before my PCOS diagnosis and at the beginning of our journey, I had sharp pains where my ovaries are that I learned were cysts bursting. The pains have been less frequent since I've been on medications and my ovaries haven't been making as many cysts. However, I've never had pain like this around (supposed) ovulation. I'm also experiencing back aches. Is this normal? This is only the second time I've ovulated that I know of, and this didn't happen last cycle, so I have no idea if this is something I should be concerned about. If it was my "normal" sharp twinges that only last a second or two, I wouldn't be so worried, but the fact that it's lasted 3+ hours makes me nervous. Any ideas/suggestions/advice would be much appreciated! 


  1. Hi from ICLW. Yay for a positive OPK =) Wishing you lots of luck this cycle!

  2. i see a line showing up on your second negative stick! it was comin!
    I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! fingers crossed lady love!!!!!!

  3. The pain is probably normal. I had pains that felt like a cyst popping around ovulation a few times. Good luck!!

  4. Yes, I always had sharp very concerning pains around ovulation time since being diagnosed with PCOS and I remember my conceptions happened after particularly painful ovulations. Although I was usually coming off a month or three of bc pills too so I don't know if that had anything to do with it.