Monday, April 8, 2013

200 Days

Last night I took the last vitamin in my 200 pill bottle. That means that I've been on this road for 200 days (well technically a few days more, but you get the idea.) I realize that the time I've spent battling infertility is nothing compared to the years that other women go through, but looking back, it's amazing how much I've grown in a few months.

When we first started this journey, I was so scared. I had heard about PCOS before, but I never in a million years thought it would happen to me. Now, thanks to some research and the help of the amazing community I've become a part of, I'm not as scared. There is still the little voice in the back of my head that whispers late at night that we'll never have our baby, but I'm able to quiet the whispering with the knowledge that I have an amazing doctor, support from my friends and family (and my girls on the internet!) plus the help of modern medicine on my side.

I'm stronger, wiser, and a little more jaded than I was 200 days ago. But I still have hope, and that's what matters.

P.S. - I'm officially calling this cycle a bust. I've been taking internet tests since Thursday morning plus a First Response yesterday and they're all negative. I thought I saw a faint second line Saturday morning which is what prompted me to buy the First Response test, but it was negative as well. I'm expecting my period to come on Thursday. I have an appointment sometime in the next two weeks (I have to call and confirm when it is,) and I believe we're going to be talking about the next steps then.

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  1. i am still hoping for you lady love! and it is so true. some days its just so easy to feel so defeated. but it is SO important to take time to look at how strong you are and how much stronger you have, and will become!