Monday, April 29, 2013

It's D Day!

So if you aren't a huge car nut like my husband, you probably don't know who this man is, or the significance of "D Day." Just go with me, ok? As a side note, I'd pay big money to have this man tell me it was D O Day, and that car isn't too bad, either. 

So it's D O Day! I was greeted by a smiley face on my digital OPK this morning which was exciting. I was really worried all day yesterday because I had a spike in temperature, but a negative OPK. I was afraid that we had somehow missed those crucial few hours, but it looks like we're right on track. We've sexed it up these last two days, and we will tonight, just to make sure. Then it's the dreaded two week wait. 

A few random things: 

At the beginning of ICLW and NIAW, I said that I was considering "coming out" about my infertility on Facebook. On Monday, I changed my picture to a NIAW related one, and left it at that. I had a few "likes" from friends and family who already knew what we're going through, but that's about it. All throughout the week, I felt like I should do something more. I was afraid that by going public, it would look like I was just trying to get attention. However, I felt like educating people was more important, so on Friday, I made this my status:
Some of you may have noticed that I changed my profile picture at the beginning of the week. This week is National Infertility Awareness Week, put on by RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) in September, exactly one month after our wedding. I am "coming out" on FB in hopes that if someone else out there is also dealing with infertility, I can be a resource to them. I am also hoping to disprove some myths that are out there about infertility (like how IVF babies aren't really conceived in test tubes!) If anyone has any questions, I'm an open book and will gladly answer. Thank you to our small group of friends and family who are "in the know," and have supported us this far. ♥ 
Slowly, the "likes" started trickling in, and eventually I got a personal message from my old boss in Missouri. She said that it had taken her and her husband 2 years to conceive their daughter and they had to resort to injections to do so. She told me to keep my head up and that it would happen for me as well. It brought tears to my eyes that she would be willing to share something so personal with me. I also got a message from an aunt who said "Aislinn, very brave of you!!! I wish you all the success with your fertility issues, having had them myself I totally understand and have total empathy xxoo Stay strong and keep doing your research."

I haven't gotten any questions yet, but I hope that by putting myself out there, it will make my friends more willing to come to me with any they have. The few interactions I've had with friends and family since Friday have warmed my heart and made me realize how much support we really have.

Random #2: 

At my last doctors appointment, Dr. B said he wanted to start doing the full "infertility workup" on Keegan and I. As you all know, Keegan had a SA last week to kick things off. During my last appointment, Dr B told me to call back on cycle day 1 so that we could schedule my next appointment sometime during cycle days 33-35. Come cycle day 1, I called in and made an appointment for May 16, which would be cycle day 35. However, looking at my FertiltyFriend app which predicts my next period, I'll be on cycle day 6 of my next cycle on May 16 (assuming I don't get pregnant this cycle.) My question to you ladies is, do any of you know what Dr. B would be looking for during that time, or what test he would be preforming? Typically my appointments have been 6 weeks apart, so making an appointment only a month apart makes me assume he's wanting to check something out at the end of my cycle, I just don't know what it is. Since my cycle is somewhat unpredictable, I would feel comfortable making an appointment for the week before (approximately cycle day 28,) but no later than that. 

So I need some advice. Do you think I should call back and reschedule, saying that it looks like my cycle will be shorter than previously assumed? Do you think that any test/procedure Dr. B is wanting to preform can wait until the beginning of next cycle? I'm so hesitant to reschedule because it always becomes a hassle with having to talk to numerous nurses and explaining things. Any advice would be appreciated! 

I hope that everyone is having a good Monday (or at least as good as it can be for being Monday,) and a fabulous rest of the week! 


  1. Glad you got your positive! Good for you for sharing with the FB world! No doubt you are touching many lives!

  2. maybe he wants to perform an HSG test?! i remember i needed to go in during that time of my cycle for it as well as starting letrozole. but i cant imagine thats his plan without you knowing. i always had nurses that i could talk to and ask, so if i were you id call and explain your thoughts and where you think you might be!
    i hope youll get your bfp SOON SOON! high temps are great so im so glad to hear you BD'd over the weekend!