Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Letter To Our Bread Crumb

My little Bread Crumb,

We are just hours away from driving to Birmingham to hopefully see your heartbeat. To say Mama's nervous is an understatement; I've been waiting for this moment since we found out you were growing inside me.

Your daddy and I were talking last night about the characteristics we hope you get from each of us. I hope you get your daddy's eyes and his smile, he has the most wonderful smile that can light up a room. I hope you get my toes. A strange request, yes, but I have grandpa's toes, and I hope you join the club.

I hope you get your daddy's brains, he's wicked smart. I hope you get my empathy and trust in others; it may come back to bite you a few times, but ultimately I think it's a good way to live.

Daddy can't wait to teach you about space and video games, he's sort of a nerd like that. I can't wait to have arts and crafts time with you and to read to you sleep. I hope that you get our love for reading; books can take you to magical places.

You have two cat sisters that may not be your biggest fans at the beginning, but they'll warm up to you if you promise not to pull their fur.

You have an amazing extended family that already loves you (even though they don't know you're coming yet, we're going to tell them on Christmas!) You're going to be the first grand child on both sides, which means you're going to be one spoiled kid. There is so much love in our family, and we can't wait until you get to be a part of it.

Since finding out you're growing inside me, I've had a dream every night that there's more than one of you in there. Perhaps it's mother's intuition, maybe it's just my hopeful dreams, either way, we'll love you (both of you?) no matter what.

If we don't see your heartbeat flickering tomorrow, I'll understand that it just wasn't your time. I'll be devastated for sure, but I know that I'll meet you later. The world can be a scary place, but know that your daddy and I will do our absolute best to keep you safe.

Mommy and Daddy love you, our little Bread Crumb.
See you tomorrow.

P.S. If you wondering where your nickname came from, blame one of  Daddy's best friends, your Uncle Ben. He nicknamed Daddy "Whitebread" one day in college, and then started calling Mama "Ginger Bread" when she came along. The joke always was that when we had kids, they'd be our little Bread Crumbs. Uncle Ben has a strange sense of humor.


  1. I love the nickname - so cute! And this letter is very sweet, I'm glad you got to see your little bread crumbs heart flickering away!

  2. i love that nickname!

  3. How sweet! I love this!! Sorry for the late comment. Your blogs finally popped up in my Bloglovin so I'm catching up!