Thursday, February 13, 2014

Breadcrumb Week 14

How far along: 14 weeks and 4 days. I'm a bit late with this one.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: gained another pound which means I'm still -9 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.

  • food aversions
  • tiredness
  • Loss of sex drive
  • sneezing
  • constipation - this has gotten better this past week, thankfully. Hopefully I can stay on top of it so it won't be a problem much longer.
Thankfully my nausea has decreased a lot. I only get nauseous if I smell something really funky, or I eat too much. I can't eat a lot of the same type of food; if we go out to eat, I either have to get an appetizer sized portion, or an appetizer sampler, I can't stomach the same type of food long enough to eat an entire meal. 

Maternity clothes: Wearing maternity jeans all the time; as soon as I get home, I'm either in yoga pants or PJ pants. Loving my maternity shirts, they're so long and comfortable!

Stretch marks: Nothing new here. Anyone have a recommendation for a lotion/cream to try and combat any that will show up?

Sleep: Sleep is ok. I'm waking up in the middle of the night to pee almost every night. Most nights I'm waking up throughout the night to reposition myself. I've really been trying to sleep more on my sides, but my stomach and back are still my favorites.

Best moment last week: Even though my OB appointment was a bit disappointing, it was nice to hear Breadcrumb's heartbeat again and to be reassured that everything is going ok. I scheduled our anatomy scan for early March, but then had to change it due to Keegan going out of town for work, so we're now having it on February 27, the day before we go to Atlanta!

Movement: Too early.

Food cravings: No real cravings. I did buy the supplies to make s'mores, so I've been having one (or three...don't judge) each night. Simultaneously the best and worst decision I made all week.

Gender: We find out on February 27!

Labor signs: Zilch, thank goodness.

Belly button? In, maybe getting shallower

What I miss: Getting a full night sleep without having to wake up to pee. I know a full night won't happen until the kid(s) are in college, so I better get used to it!

What I am looking forward to: Finding out Breadcrumb's gender on the 27th and our Atlanta trip.

Baby Buys: More cloth diapers

Milestones: Officially being in the second trimester no matter who you talk to.


  1. You are so smart to start buying cloth diapers every couple of weeks. I just bought two gdiapers. I got two of the ones with the cool patterns. I am going to put the solid colored ones on my baby registry and see if I can avoid having to buy all of them myself! :)

    1. We were thinking about registering for some of the diapers, but we're afraid of getting things we don't want, so we're just going to buy them all slowly. We buy most of ours from because they have a rewards system, so every time you spend a dollar, you get a point which can be turned in for gift cards. They also have awesome coupons every week that can give you a free diaper if you buy over a certain amount.

      Look on Craigslist to see if anyone near you is selling some. They can always be washed and that would be a great cheap way to stock up!

  2. Yay for moving up the anatomy scan! LOL

    1. I was so excited they had an opening that day! It's perfect since it's the day before we're going to register!

  3. I've heard from so many pregger ladies that they get sick of their meals halfway through. Someone should open a pregnancy tapas restaurant. Several small plates without any pregnancy Nono-foods, and no overpowering smells ;)

    1. What an awesome idea! I think you and I should go in on that together and become millionaires.

    2. YES. When are you moving to CT?! ;)