Monday, February 24, 2014

Breadcrumb Week 16

How far along: 16 weeks, 1 day

Total Weight Gain/Loss: -7 pounds from prepregnancy weight. 

  • food aversions, specifically chicken (unless in buffalo wing form.) I had half of a burger twice this week, so I'm getting some protein in!
  • tiredness - I have good nights and bad nights. Typically during the week we're in bed by 9, but on the weekend, I can stay up til 11 or so.
  • Loss of sex drive
  • sneezing, although not as much as when I was sick!
  • constipation - back to being somewhat of a problem.
  • getting winded easier - I feel like such a weenie for getting winded just from vacuuming the living room!
  • sugar lows - ever since coming off the Metformin, I've noticed my blood sugar dropping randomly. I get shaky, sweaty and week and have to eat something to feel better. I brought this up to my friend who is having twins after IVF who also has PCOS, and she said she's noticed having sugar lows as well after coming off the Metformin. 

Maternity clothes: Wearing maternity jeans all the time; as soon as I get home, I'm either in yoga pants or PJ pants. Still can't wait until it's warm enough to wear maxi dresses.

Stretch marks: Nothing new here thank goodness

Sleep: Still up a few times a night to reposition myself, thankfully sleep on my sides is more comfortable. In fact, it's gotten quite uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach, but I unconsciously roll to my stomach while sleeping. Some nights I'm up twice to pee, others I can wait until the morning. 

Best moment last week: We received our dresser and crib on Wednesday and spent Friday night putting it together while watching the Olympics during a tornado. 

That box was just the crib, the two behind Keegan were the dresser

The nursery went from:


Remember how I said in my last post that we were worried about the furniture matching because we ordered two different colors? Well, we lucked out! The crib is slightly more red, but they match really really well, the pictures don't do it justice.

We're still looking for a chair for the corner next to the crib, and we'll be refinishing the bookshelf depending on the sex of the baby. Of course we need some decorations, but it's a start! 

I also received packages from Sarah and Ladybug this week. Sarah sent me a sweet card, necklace, and frame, and Ladybug sent me a cloth diaper and Good Night moon. Thank you so much ladies, you're too sweet! 

Movement: I thought I might have felt a few pops here and there throughout the week, but not sure if it was from Breadcrumb or gas

Food cravings: Still loving cheesy spuds and lemonade from McAlisters. I've noticed that I'm craving water more often lately, I seem to always be thirsty! Even though I wasn't a big drinker before pregnancy, a frozen alcoholic drink sounds amazing.  

Gender: We find out on Thursday (assuming Breadcrumb cooperates) 

Labor signs: Zilch, thank goodness.

Belly button? In, getting shallower 

What I miss: Coke! I've been staying away from caffeine, but I've been craving a cold fountain Coke like none other. I told Keegan that's the one thing I want in the delivery room. 

What I am looking forward to: Finding out Breadcrumb's gender on Thursday and our Atlanta trip this weekend. I'm going to Ikea for the first time! Speaking of our Atlanta trip, any mommies have any must have baby product suggestions? I feel like I've been researching for weeks, but I'm still so clueless! 

Baby Buys: Nothing this week. Been trying to not buy clothing until we find out the gender.  

Milestones: Holy crap we have a nursery!

On Saturday, Keegan texted me to let me know his mom had called with news that his cousin's wife (cousin in law?) is about 13 weeks pregnant with twins. After hearing the news, I was surprisingly upset for a few hours. I knew they had been trying, and we suspected they were having trouble, so it shouldn't have come as a shock to me, but it did. My biggest fear is that Breadcrumb is going to be forgotten. Cousin lives up in KC with a lot of Keegan's extended family, so they get to see each other a lot more often than the one time a year we do. Since Cousin is also having twins, it's a safe bet to assume that she's going to deliver earlier than I am. I don't want to come off as a bitter infertile; I am truly truly happy for them, and as Keegan pointed out, Breadcrumb will have (second) cousins to play with whenever we visit, but when you honestly think about it, what's more exciting, twins you get to see every week, or a singleton who lives 14 hours away? I suppose I just feel pushed to the side. 

After a few hours of moping, I'm a lot happier about the news. It'll be great for Breadcrumb to have cousins so close in age, and perhaps Cousin and I could have a joint baby shower. I know that I'll love the twins so much and I'm thrilled to see the next generation growing even more. I've just warned Keegan that baby news isn't delivered best over text.


  1. That's really interesting about the sugar lows. I have PCOS as well, and I passed out at work during Week 5 or 6 of pregnancy. It was scary. Anyway, ever since I try and eat every 2 or 3 hours.

    1. Ya, I'm going to have to start doing that I think. I already have like 5 different snacks in my desk, but it looks like I'll have to bring a few more. I'll have a grocery store soon!

  2. Baby products I recommend: sterilizing bags you can toss in the microwave. I can't remember who makes them, but they're awesome. A baby seat that attaches to a dining room chair instead of a high chair (I wish we had done this from the start). If I think of anything else I will let you know.

    1. Any advice is very much welcome! I feel so overwhelmed by all of the products and options. I know, logically, that baby only needs food and somewhere to sleep, but some of the other products feel like necessities as well!

  3. AW! It's a baby's room!!! It looks great, love the furniture! I can't wait to hear what you're having! I'm sorry that your cousin is stealing your thunder, I don't blame you one bit for feeling a little slighted! I would too--I have! My SIL has been pregnant around the same time as me both times, and the second time was with the first female grandchild in the family--definitely a lot more attention to that one. I will say that my oldest LOVES his cousin being so close to his age, so that will eventually be a plus!

    1. Thank you! It still surprises me to walk by that room and see nursery furniture. I know that Breadcrumb is lucky to have cousins so close in age, I'm honestly happy about that. Just wasn't expecting the news and it took me back for a moment. I'm really happy about it now!

  4. You should have your own baby shower so you get the undivided attention you deserve! The room already looks great! So much bigger than my poor hazy's room! Now that we set up the crib and have the dresser and bookshelf in there I'm having doubt's that we can squeeze in a rocker! Looks like you have plenty of room though! Excited for Thursday!!!!

  5. Thursday!!!! Having kids so close in age is both a blessing and a curse. They always get compared which is awful, but built-in friends for life is so great. Here's hoping it's more good than bad :)

  6. must have is a swing! we loved our mamaroo but our swing was AWESOME. we bought second hand though from craigslist.
    glad your package arrived - it was mailed in jan! i have been thinking about you ALL WEEK.
    thursday is so close!!!!!
    the crib looks great!!

  7. OH!
    the nose frida. BUY THAT.

  8. The nursery looks great so far! I totally agree with Sarah's comment on the Nose Frida. Before L arrived I thought it was weird and then she got sick and it's a life saver. I would also recommend a swaddle that's easy for you to use but is hard for breadcrumb to break out of - like the woombie. L breaks out of most swaddles!

  9. Yay - I can't wait to see more nursery pictures!