Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NIAW Guest Post

When Tracy from Just Stop Trying And It Will Happen posted on Facebook that a bunch of non-infertility bloggers were hosting infertility bloggers for National Infertility Awareness Week to help raise awareness, I immediately commented on Lauren's post saying I wanted to join in.

But then I stopped and thought. As someone who's "on the other side" of infertility, what could I say to raise awareness and have an impact?

Eventually I came up with something, and Jennifer at Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion was amazing to open her blog to my ramblings. You can read my post here.

I may be "on the other side," but infertility was, and will continue to be, a huge part of my life. I think about the friends I've met through my blog and Twitter all the time, and I have the highest hopes that all of your dreams will come true. If/when we decide to try for another child, I will be right back in the throws of infertility, and having the love and support of the infertility community will mean the world to me, just as it has for the last (almost) two years.


  1. its true.
    infertility never goes away.


  2. It was a good post! I really enjoyed it and I'm honored you asked my opinion :)