Sunday, April 6, 2014

Breadcrumb Week 22

How far along: 22 weeks!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think our scale kicked the bucket since it kept giving me strange numbers. I was only one pound down from my prepregnancy weight last week, I think it's safe to say that I'm at my prepregnancy weight or above now.

  • food aversions, specifically protein. Still only eating meat about once a week
  • tiredness
  • loss of sex drive
  • constipation
  • getting winded easier
  • super vibrant dreams
  • heartburn / acid reflux 
  • round ligament pains? I have pain in my lower abdomen, kind of near my hip bones when I roll over in bed or stand up after sitting down for a while. 

Maternity clothes: All day, every day.

Stretch marks: Nothing new! My stomach itches often, so I need to be more diligent about applying lotion. 

Sleep: Some nights are good where I only get up once a night, some nights are pretty terrible where I feel like I pee every hour.   

Best moment last week: I forgot to mention this last week, but I emailed the one and only doula in my area, and found out she provides her services for FREE! She does ask that families who can afford it, donate some money so she can go to Africa once a year to be a doula there, which we'll do, if we decide to use her. Our weekends have been super busy lately so we haven't had a chance to meet up, but I'm hoping she'll be a good fit for us.  

Movement: This has been a source of worry for me this week. When I first started feeling Breadcrumb move, I felt him at least once an hour. This past week, however, I'm only feeling him in the morning after I eat breakfast, and at night when I'm at my computer at home. I thought maybe he moved more frequently after I eat, but he won't move after I eat lunch or snacks. I haven't totally freaked out yet because I have been feeling him at least once a day, but it's something I'm going to bring up to my OB at my appointment on Thursday. 

Food cravings: Water and hot chocolate from the cafe across from my work.   

Gender: Our little man!

Labor signs: Zilch, thank goodness.

Belly button? Getting shallower!

What I miss: Coke, and not peeing every hour.

What I am looking forward to: Our baby shower next month where we get to see friends and family. We haven't seen K's family since Thanksgiving and mine since Christmas!   

Baby Buys: We went to the last consignment event of the season on Wednesday and made out ok. We got some clothes, as well as another wooden puzzle, a light for the side table in the nursery, and a wooden push bike somewhat similar to the image below, but not name brand. Obviously Breadcrumb won't be able to use it for a while, but it'll be a nice 1st birthday present or Christmas gift later on. 

Milestones: Only 2 weeks until viability!

I need to wear something other than this black shirt for pictures! 

I'll admit, this week has been hard, for numerous reasons, but the biggest reason was my heart rate. Tuesday night,a round 8 pm, I noticed that my heart rate was elevated and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, like I had just run a long distance. I also developed a headache. I figured I needed sleep, so we went to bed. Unfortunately the problem continued throughout Wednesday. I consulted Dr. Twitter and was urged by a few girls to call my OB just to let them know what was going on. I emailed my doctor's nurse, explained what was going on, and she requested that I take my pulse and blood pressure. Since I was at work, I was unable to get my blood pressure, but I took my pulse numerous times throughout the day, and I got anywhere between 103 and 110 beats per minute.

I emailed back with this information, and the nurse said she had spoken to the doctor that was there that day and he suggested that I go home, lay on my left side, and drink water. Unfortunately I was unable to do this because work was extremely busy that day and Keegan and I had plans for later that night. However, I did lay on my left side and drink water our entire hour drive to our plans, but it didn't help.

The problem continued throughout Thursday, so I emailed the nurse again. My doctor was in that day, and supposedly said that what I was experiencing was normal for pregnancy due to the extra blood flow in my body. Thursday afternoon, I was putting away some artwork at work, (nothing strenuous, no piece weighed over 10 pounds,) and as I was walking, I started to pass out. Thankfully there was a pillar that I could lean against until I felt normal.

The elevated heart rate was so bad on Friday that I considered going into the ER, but I didn't want to be "that patient" freaking out about something normal, so instead, I went to bed around 8. Both the heart rate and headache have continued throughout the weekend, and they will be something I will be talking to my OB in person about at my appointment on Thursday. If this really is "normal," I want an explanation besides "it happens in every pregnancy." I want to know why, and what is considered abnormal so I know what to look out for. I've just felt so off this past week, paired with the fact that Breadcrumb hasn't been moving much, that if I didn't have an appointment coming up this week, I'd call and schedule one.

I'm hoping that this truly is something "normal," but I need some reassurance. I haven't felt this anxious and freaked out about my pregnancy since before the first ultrasound.


  1. Hey there! Let me be the one to reassure you that the elevated heart rate is normal, at least it was for me. There were times when I was freaking out, but my doctor reassured me that our bodies are going through so much, and with the increased blood flow, this happens. Laying on your left side and taking deep breaths is really helpful. If you have high blood pressure then that is a different story, so please keep an eye on that because it can be scary. As far as movement goes, I was in the same boat as you. My doctor explained to me that babies having sleep schedules, similar to us, so we won't always feel the babies -I only felt my little guy at night. If you're worried, get a Sonoline b fetal Doppler because that was my saving grace! God bless you and may you have a wonderful ultrasound this week!

    1. Thanks for the comment! For me, laying on my left side didn't help much, so far, I've found nothing that's helped. I'm definitely going to have my OB check my blood pressure, just to make sure it's not a problem. I already have a doppler, it's the only thing that's kept me from running to my OB's office already!

  2. I hope you feel better soon. My HR is definitely higher during pregnancy, and I passed out once during the first tri. I've also been told this is normal. However, over 100 seems quite high for a pulse. Can you take a couple days off work and just lay down all day? I hope you get some answers from your doctors.

    1. I wish I could take a few days off work, but I'm the only one that does my position which can make taking time off somewhat difficult. While I'm sure my boss would let me - and I would if I really need to, - I want to try and stay at work for as long as I can just in case something more serious happens down the road.

  3. :( sorry you aren't feeling so great and that you are worried about your sweet boy! My baby is active one day and then seems to be in a coma the next day! If you feel like you need to see someone asap then do it! Better safe than sorry and if you know you've been checked out and you are both fine you might be able to ignore what you're feeling a bit easier!

    1. What is it with these babies and worrying their mamas?! I will see someone ASAP if I really feel like I need to; right now, I just need some reassurance from my OB that this is normal and everything's ok.

  4. God that's terrifying. I'm glad they tried to reassure you, but I would definitely want more info too. I hope you have a nice relaxing day coming up soon, and your next appointment puts all your fears to rest with a healthy boy performing for the ultrasound :)

    1. Thanks for the sweet words. Hopefully Breadcrumb gets the memo and starts moving around to put me at ease!