Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm Back!

Well, technically we got back Saturday evening, but this is the first opportunity I've had to sit down and write. Sunday was our first wedding anniversary which we spent driving to Alabama to do some shopping at Sam's and to take part in the tax free weekend. Thankfully I had Monday off, so I spent it trying to tidy up the house a bit, get laundry done, and generally get prepared for a week back at work. Today, I'm back at work, working writing a blog post. Obviously my mind is still on vacation.

Since I'm still not quite put together, you get a recap of the last week in bullet points!:

  • First of all, I want to say thank you to Tasha from Frozen OJ and Teresa from Where The *Bleep* Is Our Stork for guest posting for me. You ladies helped keep this blog running while I was gone and had some wonderful posts that I'm happy to have on my blog. Thank you again! 
  • I'm considering doing a vacation recap, but since this is mostly an infertility blog, I'm not sure if there would be any interest. Thoughts? I'd share pretty pictures! 
  • While on vacation, I took a break from infertility. Thankfully I was in my two week wait which meant that I didn't have to worry about taking OPKs or trying to fit in some sexy time with my husband. I did bring my thermometer with the intentions of temping, but I was getting up at random times and didn't have internet to input the data into Fertility Friend, so I said screw it and left it in my suitcase. For a few days it felt strange, but overall, I didn't really miss it. In fact, I've had a hard time getting back in the habit since we've been home. I have however, missed the data that it provides.
  • On that same note, this cycle was another no-go. I started spotting on Sunday which continued until this morning with a full flow starting mid-morning today. This cycle's two week wait was the easiest I've ever had to deal with since I was on vacation, but the failure still sucks. 
  • While we were away, I got a letter from my doctor saying I'm due for my annual exam. Thoughts:
    • At least two people see my lady bits every month. You'd think they'd be able to do that exam while they're already poking around without me having to make a separate appointment. 
    • My doctor said after my HSG, he wanted us to try naturally for three more cycles. Today marks the beginning of cycle 3 which, as I see it, means I have three options: 
      • Option 1: Make two separate appointments: one for my annual exam during this cycle, and my "what's next?" appointment next month once we see how this cycle pans out. 
      • Option 2: Make an appointment for my annual exam and my "what's next?" session during this cycle even though we don't know if I'll get pregnant. 
      • Option 3: Make an appointment for my annual exam and my "what's next?" session next month once we see that I'm not pregnant how this cycle turns out.
    • Personally, I'd rather get them both out of the way at the same time, and earlier if possible, but I don't want to make my "what's next?" appointment too early and get turned away if it hasn't been the full three cycles. Any thoughts? I'm probably over thinking this.
  • I'm still getting caught up on your blogs from this past week, so forgive me if you get a random comment on a week old post. I know that there have been a few births and BFPs lately; I'm excited to read all about them! 


  1. Welcome back! I love vacation recaps and pictures. I say, post away! So, so sorry about this cycle though. I was really hoping for you guys. High hopes for this coming cycle though! This is just me, but if I were you, I'd schedule your "what's next" appointment now, but for like the week you're supposed to get AF/the week after. That way, if you get it, you would at least have that appointment to look forward to. And if you don't get AF (because you're pregnant!!!) you can just cancel.

    In terms of your annual... If I remember correctly, my OB did my annual at the first prenatal appointment for both this and last pregnancy, so if you get a BFP, maybe you can jut do it then? If not, I think it's reasonable to think that they could combine a "what's next" appointment with a quick annual. Maybe call and ask? Good luck!

  2. So glad your vacation was lovely and your wait was manageable! I would say make the appointment early, and that way you can plan for next cycle ahead of time if necessary, and if it's not necessary, well. You'll have plenty of other things to discuss! But that's just me :)

  3. I love recaps! We are not just infertiles so I for one LOVE to see photos of the lives we do have! Please, share!

  4. I agree with Teresa - we are infertile but that's not all we are. I'd love to see a vacation recap!

    And sorry about your failed cycle. :( But I'm glad you had a good vacation!