Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vacation Part 1

I've finally gotten around to posting about our vacation....two weeks late. Here it goes!

On Friday, July 26, Keegan and I drove up to Missouri. Since were flying to Canada with my dad, sister Bri, and her boyfriend, Julian, it was easier for us to drive up a day early. That night, we celebrated my 24th birthday (a few days late,) as well as Keegan and I's first anniversary (about a week early.) My favorite presents were the one Bri made for my birthday...

She got the saying off of my Pintrest and painted it for me

...and the Willow Tree figurine my mom got us for our anniversary. 

Saturday the 27 was spent driving to the St. Louis airport, flying to Canada and fighting with our rental car company. Side story: My grandpa was a businessman and had saved all of his air miles from his travels. We were extremely lucky and he offered to use his air miles to pay for all 5 of our plane tickets as well as our rental car. Well, when we tried to pick up our rental car, they wanted a credit card on file, just in case something happened while it was in our possession. They hadn't told us this before we left the States, and none of us carry credit cards except Keegan who had his corporate card from his job. After some discussion, we decided to use Keegan's corporate card so that we could get our car. The problem was, the company wouldn't allow us to transfer the car from my dad's name into Keegan's name. Keegan had to call the company headquarters, cancel our current reservation, then re-make it in his name. We were there over an hour and the people we were working with were extremely rude. If you ever rent a car in Canada, don't use Avis.

Thankfully we got our car and drove to my grandparent's house. That night was spent catching up with a few family members and showing Keegan and Julian the places were Bri and I had spent many of our summers and Christmases. 

Sunday, we lounged around my grandparent's house, and that afternoon, we had a small reunion of my dad's side of the family. When I was younger, up until I was about 15/16, we would go back to Canada every summer and Christmas. Since my birthday is in July, my grandma would always make me a birthday cake. Unfortunately, she has become too old to do so, but she was sweet enough to order me one while we were up there. 

Monday, we took the boys to see Niagra Falls. Make sure to click on the images to make them larger, Keegan got some amazing shots! 

We also walked all the way down to the US/Canada boarder that you can cross via car or foot. We paid the $.50 to walk over the bridge and stood over the International Boundary Line. I got to knock the "stand in two places at once" item off my bucket list and made it even better by standing in two countries at once! 

Of course, we had to take pictures with Keegan on the American side and me on the Canadian side. 

Tuesday, we went to visit my Grandma and Papa's grave and then we wanted to wander around downtown Toronto, but go so lost that we only made it to the Eaton Center (a three story, extremely expensive, mall.) We didn't have data on our phones which meant no looking up directions and our rental car didn't have GPS. I didn't realize how much I relied on my phone and GPS to get me places until all I had were road signs!

Tuesday night, we drove up to the cottage....which you'll get to see tomorrow!