Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I've Tried It

I saw this list on RainBeforeRainbow's blog and thought I'd fill it out. Before I did, I felt like I have already done so much to increase my fertility, but afterwards, I realized there was so much more I could do, but I'm not sure where to start. Maybe I'll make this a yearly thing and see how my list has grown.

Want to fill out your own? Go to here to download the original.


  1. Oh wow. We've only been "officially trying" for eleven months and already I can tick so many boxes. But it's also encouraging that there is a lot more I can do.

  2. Just found your blog. Fellow PCOS'er...totally doing this and checking off many things. Just remember, there are hundreds of things out there we "should" and "should not" be doing, but putting that much pressure on ourselves to be perfect is going to increase our stress and you know what they say about stress, lol :) Here's my blog (