Wednesday, May 29, 2013

HSG Update Part 2

Today I finally had the time during work to call up my two insurance companies to see if any part of the cost for the HSG would be covered and I got surprisingly good news!

First of all, the insurance that I have through Keegan's employer was worthless. It's hard enough to find a doctor that's within our coverage because we have Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Michigan while we're living in Mississippi. The parent mill of the steel mill he works for is in Michigan, so about a year ago, they decided to streamline everything and make all of their employees have BC/BS of Michigan no matter where they live. Stupid in my opinion, but hey, it's insurance, right? After being on the phone for over half an hour with a representative who couldn't figure out what an HSG was, let alone if it was covered, I was told that it wasn't. No procedure dealing with infertility is covered through this insurance.

Luckily, my dad has kept me on his insurance that he gets through the university he works for. I called them, expecting to hear the same thing, but was surprised when they told me that the procedure would be covered in full (minus the $250 deductible) as long as it was coded for diagnosing infertility, not as a way to treat infertility. If the coding shows that I have already been diagnosed with infertility, then it will not be covered at all, but as long as the hospital codes it in a way that shows the procedure was used to try and diagnose infertility, we will only owe $250, not close to $4,000.

To say that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders is an understatement. We were really stressing about how we would pay for the HSG, especially since our dishwasher decided to die on us this weekend (three months after the warranty ended, of course.) Thankfully, Keegan gets a discount on some appliance brands for working at the steel mill that provides their supplies, but it is still an expense we weren't expecting. It will be a lot easier to get $250 together by next month than it would have been to get $4,000.

If this cycle doesn't work out, (which it will, right?) then I have to fax in my BBT chart and call my nurse at the beginning of my next cycle to set up the HSG around cycle day 10. During that time, I will explain the insurance coverage and make double sure that she knows how to code the claim. I'll probably even tell the nurse and radiologist preforming the procedure, just to make sure that everyone knows and there are no mistakes.

I don't think I've ever been so happy to hear that yet another someone will get to look at my ho-ha.


  1. I KNEW IT!!!!
    i knew you wouldnt have to pay so much! im so glad you got good answers! i hope they keep coming your way baby love!

  2. So glad for the financial blessing! Sounds like we could be getting it done around the same time!

  3. Yay! Great news. I'm still hoping this cycle works out though.

  4. Such good news!!! I hope you don't even need it, but what a relief it must be to know you have it anyway!

    1. Fingers crossed that I don't need it, but I agree, it's nice to know that it's there if needed.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! 2WW buddies are great.

    So glad to see that you were able to get coverage for your HSG...isn't it insane how much everything costs, and that more insurances aren't good about infertility coverage? It's sad. We have medical needs that they won't acknowledge.

    Best of luck to you!

  6. So glad to find your blog! Hope this is your cycle but glad you were able to get coverage just in case.