Friday, May 10, 2013

These Emotions Are WHACK!

I don't know if I should chalk up my crazy emotions to pregnancy (oh how I hope!,) or to the start of my period, but oh my gosh, I feel like a crazy lady recently.

Last night is the perfect example. Keegan and I were lying in bed watching How It's Made on Netflix. Don't ask why, but about three, maybe four years ago, this show became the show we fall asleep to. We've watched all the episodes on Netflix over and over again, but yet we still seem to find ones we haven't seen before.

Anyways, last night was an episode explaining how chicks are hatched, sorted, and then sold to farmers either for their eggs or their meat. I won't get into the ethical treatment of animals here, but randomly, in the middle of the show, I turned to Keegan and started tearing up. He asked what was wrong, and I said that I felt bad for the baby chicks because they didn't have a momma chicken with them and they were being pushed around by this big humans and they didn't know what was going on and I think they're scared.

I'm 99% sure I was making this face:

Yes, you read that right. I started crying for baby chicks that have long been gone from this earth. There have been a other similar episodes, but I think this is by far the funniest (and maybe makes me look the most crazy?) 

I hope that either I get a positive test so that I can blame these emotions on the growing baby, or my period starts so I know I'll be back to "normal" in a few days. 

Has pregnancy or PMS ever made you cry over something as silly as baby chicks before? Please someone tell me I'm not the only one who's kidnapped by their emotions ever month. My poor, poor husband. 


  1. neither things have made be be emotional like that before, until now! i think week 28 of this pregnancy was my first emotional crying episode EVER. and ive had about 3 since. in the same week. i dont know what is going on! i hope im just being emotional for you and feeling your pregnancy hormones!

  2. EVERYTHING makes me cry. I am an emotional weirdo. Heaven forbid I have to buy a greeting card. About three months ago I broke down crying to the guy that sold appliances at the Home Depot just because he was such a nice man. Don't feel bad, you are among friends :)