Sunday, March 2, 2014

Breadcrumb Week 17

How far along: 17 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: -6 pounds from prepregnancy weight. 

  • food aversions, specifically protein.  
  • tiredness - I have good nights and bad nights.  
  • loss of sex drive
  • sneezing 
  • constipation - I will never take pooping for granted again!  
  • getting winded easier
  • sugar lows 
  • headaches 
Maternity clothes: Wearing maternity jeans all the time; as soon as I get home, I'm either in yoga pants or PJ pants. So excited to wear maxi dresses.

Stretch marks: Nothing new here thank goodness

Sleep: I have good nights where I have to get up to pee once a night, and then nights, like last night, where I had to get up 4 times. I don't understand why I have to pee every other hour at night but I can go 5 hours during the day.  

Best moment last week: Our Atlanta trip! Friday we went to Atlanta to see Alton Brown's live show (which was amazing!) and went to Babies R Us to start our registry. We also stuffed our faces at the Cheesecake Factory and went to Ikea for the first time. Ikea wasn't what I expected, but it was an experience for sure! We almost brought home a new desk, but my car wasn't big enough, unfortunately. 

We also went to a friend's gender reveal party on Saturday and found out she's having twin girls! Keegan and I have thrown around the idea of doing a gender reveal party, but we feel like not many of our friends down here would care. I might do a tiny one with my mom and sister if they come down this month, we'll see.

Movement: Still thinking I might have felt a few pops here and there, but not 100% sure. 

Food cravings: Still loving cheesy spuds and lemonade from McAlisters as well as lots and lots of water.   

Gender: We were supposed to find out on Thursday, but our appointment got canceled at the last minute. You can read all about it here.  We now find out on March 13. 

Labor signs: Zilch, thank goodness.

Belly button? Much shallower! It's only about half as tall as the first knuckle on my pointer finger, if that makes sense.  

What I miss: Coke, that's really it!  

What I am looking forward to: Finding out Breadcrumb's gender on March 13. Going to a consignment event on Wednesday, and potentially having my mom and sister down here in late March.  

Baby Buys: Found a gender neutral sleeper on sale at Old Navy as well as a 5 piece elephant onesie set and 5 piece white onesie set at T.J. Maxx.    

Milestones: We started our registry! 

Question for you mommies: 
Keegan and I have been debating about getting a stroller. We want to do a lot of baby wearing, and we honestly don't go to a lot of functions where a stroller would be helpful. The only time I can think of a stroller being necessary would be some of the car shows we go to, but, since they're so crowded, it would be difficult to maneuver a stroller. Also, I lifted up many of the strollers, and they're so heavy! 

We're currently registered for a car seat that can snap into almost any Graco stroller if we decide after the baby is here that we really want one, but if other mommies love their strollers, we'll register for one on the off chance that we'll get it during a shower. 

So, our question to you is, are strollers worth it for one baby? If you baby wear, do you find yourself baby wearing or using the stroller more? 


  1. Baby-wearing was great for the first 6 to 9 months, maybe even the first year, but then my daughter started getting a bit heavy to carry around in a carrier. I had a stroller because I liked to run for exercise, and it was best to be able to take along the baby. We don't use it a lot, but it comes in handy every so often - Britax B-Agile, $200, 17 pounds, one of the lighter options out there. You might look into umbrella strollers as well.

    The other main time I used a stroller was in the first month after my baby was born. I tore and was just worn down by late pregnancy and labor, and i wasn't really up for using a carrier for any significant distance, but I really liked going for walks, so a stroller was handy. That was only for the first few weeks, though.

    1. Ya, I figured when the baby gets older and heavier, a stroller of some sort will be great, just not sure if it's something we want right off the bat. We have dreams of using the stroller to do walks, but let's be honest, after sleepless nights, I'm sure walking will be the last thing we want to do! I think we'll get an umbrella stroller for the once a year we're in the airport and things like that. Thanks for the advice!

  2. Its usually much easier to wear baby but what about exercising? If you plan on even just walking a couple times a week for fitness you probably want a decent stroller that rolls well. Wearing a baby while sweating is not always fun!

  3. Look for second hand, Craigslist is awesome!

  4. of course we LOVE baby wearing, but taking the baby out of the car seat is a royal pain in the ass. especially if they're asleep. and especially in the cold. the last thing you will want to do is get out of the car, strap on your baby carrier, take your sleeping baby out of the carseat and fidget around. also for walks! i wanted to get some sort of exercise in when C was born and he would fall asleep in the stroller. we used the stroller OFTEN when our bucket infant seat clicked in to it. or we would carry the infant seat in to a store and set it in a shopping cart. our car seat clicked in to our baby home emotion stroller and that was super light weight. you can look into the baby trend brand or snap & go's too. those are usually more simple and light weight! you will get in to the swing of things and see what works best for you though. but i would def get some sort of stroller! used even!

  5. For my last one, our car seat had expired so we borrowed one from a friend who had her baby the year before. We bought a stroller frame that we could drop the carseat in. I liked it so much better than the huge stroller we originally had. It was lightweight and took up very little space in the trunk. We also were given a really good umbrella stroller (Maclaren).

  6. I actually didn't do baby wearing. That being said, I used our stroller (and still do, for that matter) a TON. We even used it indoors a lot with my oldest, trying to survive colic. I actually preferred our larger model to umbrella strollers, as they are just slightly too short in the handles for me (I'm 5' 7").

  7. Obviously I don't have any experience yet, but we were in a similar boat. We just go one of the stroller cart things for about $60 on sale, and you drop the car seat right into it. We plan to baby wear the entire time we are in FL for the adoption, so we don't have to take the stroller with us. We'll then get a running stroller for the hubby, and are looking at the secondhand sports shops and craigslist for that. I can then use that for walks and things.

    Also, I was at the gym yesterday in our subzero weather and there were two girls walking the track with their baby bjorns. One of the babies was probably just 6 weeks or so. They looked pretty comfortable!