Monday, June 24, 2013

Cycle 6 Update

I figured I should do a quick update since I haven't been posting about infertility too much lately, and I'm sure many of you from ICLW care more about my ovaries than my hypothetical charity donations.

I believe that I'm thisclose to being in the two week wait. I had positive OPKs on CD 12 and 13 (Saturday and Sunday,) as well as a temperature dip this morning, so I'm thinking ovulation will be either today or tomorrow.

As much as I hate letting hope into my life, I can't help but be slightly more hopeful for this cycle. You hear stories of women who get pregnant after having an HSG done (which I had last Monday on CD 7) and even my doctor said there's an increase chance of conceiving after an HSG.

I'm also hopeful because the timing for this cycle would be beyond amazing. As I've mentioned before, Keegan and I are meeting up with my dad and sister to go visit my extended family in Canada the last week of July / first week of August. If this cycle works out, at that point in time we'd be 7 or 8ish weeks into the pregnancy, and while it would be early, we would have the option of telling my family in person. With us living 8 hours away from our immediate families and in a totally different country than my extended family, the chances to tell them amazing news like this in person are few and far between. My birthday is also at the end of July and I couldn't imagine a better birthday present.

But, hope is a bitch so I'm trying to not dream too much.

In other news, Keegan and I are better than ever. Ever since his best friend left at the end of May, our relationship has grown stronger and stronger. While Brendan was here, I was feeling like the third wheel in my own house, and Keegan and I didn't have much alone time. Now that it's just us again, we're rediscovering each other. This weekend, we met up with two sets of Keegan's co-workers to just hang out, and Keegan finally finished the upgrades to his 'Vette, so we've been cruising around in that. We've also started walking again after work, and even though it's in the upper 90s here, it feels nice to sweat the day away. We have tentative plans with two couples from Keegan's work for a pizza night at our house some weekend and we're going to watch fireworks on the river on the Fourth. Even though growing our family is always on my mind, it's been nice to think and do other things non-infertility related for once.

Edit: I typically use the cheap OPKs during my cycle because well, they're cheap, but once I get what I think is a positive, I use the Clear Blue Digital OPK just to double check since those two lines can be difficult to decipher. Anyways, this weekend my digital OPK showed an error. The instructions say to call the help line and to not use the system anymore. My questions to you ladies is, is it worth calling the help line? I only have a few more test strips, so if this cycle is a bust, I'll have to buy another box anyways. I just don't want to call the help line and be on hold for 45 minutes during work if they're just going to tell me to suck it up and buy another box. However, if they're going to send me a free box, then I'll gladly call during work. I have no shame. Any help would be much appreciated!


  1. i am SO glad you and keegan have the house to yourselves again! its truly the little things <3

  2. I've used the digital OPK before switching over to the monitor and I have gotten the error message too. I just bought another box because I was low. Crossing my fingers that this is your cycle! :-)

    1. I figure I'll buy another box, I was just hoping that by calling they would send me a free one or something like that. Thanks for the good wishes!

  3. So glad you are back just the two of you. I think it's great you have hope! Keep it up!!!

  4. Time alone is NOT over rated! Glad you're enjoying each other!! FX for your BFP!! xoxo

  5. So glad you and Keegan have had some great couple time together. That's so important.