Monday, June 24, 2013

June Blogging Challenge Day 24 - Mama Fears

Today's prompt is, "What's your biggest fear about becoming a mom?"

Oi vey, as much as I want to be a mama, I'll admit that I'm scared.

I'm scared of...
  • My son getting a girl pregnant, having to drop out of school and work to pay child support
  • My daughter getting pregnant in high school (or before!) and dropping out
  • Passing on the family diseases 
  • Potty training a boy
  • Having to teach my daughter that her self worth doesn't come from how skinny she is or what designer clothes she has
  • Having to teach my son that his self worth isn't from the girls he's slept with or what car he drives
  • Having to explain death and why things like bombings and war happen
  • The first instance of bullying
  • The first heartbreak
  • The constant "am I doing what's best for my child?" question that will run through my head for the rest of my life
  • That I won't bond with my boys as much as my husband does
  • That we won't be able to spend as much time with my children's grandparents and extended family as we would like
  • That my husband will work too much and will miss out on things like first steps and their first word
  • Having to raise children in such a materialistic world
  • Trying to convince my children that their quirks and personalities are what make them amazing and unique, that they don't have to be like every other child in their school. I hope that my children will have the courage to be themselves and not like everyone else. 
And let's be honest here, I'm scared that...
  • My body won't be able to handle being pregnant 
  • My body won't be able to handle child birth and I won't get the med-free natural birth I want
  • I won't be able to breastfeed, something that I really want to do
  • And for the sake of being really truly honest, that my body will never be the same
But I know that all of these fears will be worth it when...
  • My child stands up against a bully for their friends 
  • My child goes against the grain and wears/does/says what s/he wants, no matter what society is telling them to do
  • I get those hugs and kisses, especially in front of their friends when it's not "cool"
  • When my children grow up to be successful, respected members of society
I know that some of these fears, like having to potty train a boy are somewhat silly, but others, like the rising teen pregnancy rate and having to explain death are something that I really fear as a potential parent. I know that Keegan and I will be able to overcome these challenges as a team, but it's still something that I think about once in a while.

So, what about you ladies? What is your biggest fear about being a parent?


  1. My biggest fear is with all this new technology and social media. My biggest fear is that my kids get in trouble with their words on the internet. I want to raise my kids with strong morals and I fear social media will hinder this. Happy ICLW! Love this thing you are doing for your prompts!

    1. It does seem easier to say hurtful things over the internet/text messaging because there's no real "face" to see the pain. I'm with you, I hope to raise my kids with strong morals and I can see how social media can make that difficult.

      Happy ICLW to you too!

  2. my biggest fear is becoming a psycho who resents the babe for never letting mommy sleep :( and good point on the husband working too much. ive mentioned that to isaiah once.
    fears are normal.
    but this post was absolutely lovely.
    and u r right. it will all be worth it!

  3. Yep. I hear ya on all of these. And I agree with Risa too...that technology and media stuff freaks me out.