Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Blogging Challenge Day 4: Favorite Snack

Day four is here and I'm talking about my favorite snack.

Just like my biggest indulgence, I had a hard time coming up with my favorite snack. I asked Keegan what he thought it was, and he said, "It totally depends on your mood!" which is so true.

Sometimes I feel like candy like my beloved Sour Patch Kids.
I forgot to say yesterday that Keegan and I purchased the two pound bag of Sour Patch Kids during our honeymoon and ate them all. Keegan's tongue may or may not have been burned by the sour sugar. 

Sometimes I feel like something crunchy like Cool Ranch Doritos

And sometimes I feel like something a bit healthier for me. If you had asked me as a child what my favorite food was, I would have said fruit. I love love love fruit of all kinds. Lately I've been craving watermelon, but we need to clear out some space in our fridge before tacking a whole melon. 

Watermelon turtle anyone?

So, what's your favorite snack? Anyone know how to carve out an animal out of food? 


  1. I have never seen anything like that turtle, but oh my! Looks awesome :)

  2. MMMMMM fruit! My husband carved a watermelon into a baby carriage (with a cantaloupe as the baby head) for my twin's baby shower!

    1. How cool! I probably wouldn't have enough self control to do that, I'd be eating the fruit as I was carving it!

  3. That turtle is incredible!