Thursday, June 6, 2013

June Blogger Challege Day 6: Baby Names

Day 6 of the June Blogging Challenge is all about naming the kids we're hopefully going to have in the near future!

I can't remember if I had names picked out when I was younger. I know I had a name picked out for a girl when I was dating the boyfriend I had before I met Keegan, Aurora. I've always loved the name Aurora, but ever since Robyn joined the TLC show, Sister Wives, with her daughter Aurora, it's lost the spark for me. I don't think the names has jumped in popularity, but I'm still wary about using it.

As for names we're seriously considering for our future kids, my goal is to name my children unique names without being ridiculous. It took me a while to love my name, mostly because I got sick and tired of spelling it out for people, but as an adult, I love it. I want to give my child a name that will set them apart without calling them La-a. (I was hoping to find a link to the story, but a woman in Louisiana named her child La-a and was getting upset that people were pronouncing it incorrectly. Apparently it's pronounced Ledasha.)

Anyways, the names we're currently loving also all have a basic "theme." Both Keegan and I have Celtic names, and we both have Celtic heritages (Irish for me, and Scottish for him.) Fun fact, my name means, "a dream." My dad used to joke that it doesn't specify if it means a good dream, or a nightmare. But I digress.

Keegan and I both seem to gravitate to names that have a Celtic background. Currently for a girl our top name is Brogan. I love that it can be a "cute" little girl's name, but can still be a strong name for a woman. To go along with Brogan, we have three possible middle names. Leigh, after Keegan's best friend's middle name, who is like a brother to him, Ann, after Keegan's mom, or Marie, which is my middle name. The only "problem" I have with Brogan, is there isn't an easy nickname. My sisters and I all have nicknames which are shortened versions of our real names. Example: Aislinn = Ais, Brianne = Bri and Caitlynn = Cait. The only shortened version of Brogan I can think of is Bro, and that just reminds me of the stupid trend of males calling their friends "bro."

 I also like the names Kyla and Michaelea for a girl, but not as much as Brogan. 

As for boy's names, I like Tiernan/Kiernan, Declan and Camden. Out of those four, I think I like Declan the best. Tiernan/Kiernan and Camden are all so-so as of right now. I also love the name Kale, but for one, I'm against naming my child after a food, and two, Keegan knows a Kale and says he's an asshole. Can't name my child after an asshole, can I? 

So, how about you? Have any baby names you're currently loving? Think I'm out of my mind for loving any of these? 

P.S. Can we just make a pact that you won't steal these names from me? I know it's stupid to ask, but I'm in love with the name Brogan and we don't need a bunch of little Bros running around the infertile blogsphere do we? 


  1. My sisters all have Gaelic names. My mom is Irish, she was born in Belfast. I am the only one that doesn't have a crazy Irish name. I have a cousin named Declan too. I can't believe you posted your favorite names!! I am totally scared people will steal my favorite names and I get pissed when I very occasionally hear them out in public. My problem is I have two girl names including middle names picked out and I LOVE them! We have two boy names picked out, one missing a middle name, that I dont really love at all. I better have twin girls, that's all I can say!

    1. I have my fingers crossed that the names we love don't suddenly become popular! I figured if someone decides to "steal" my names, it'll be ok. It's not like the children will be in the same class or anything. If it does happen with one of my blogging fiends, then it'll be a story to tell the kids down the road.

      I'm actually really surprised that I have so many boy names right now. I've always had trouble falling in love with boy names (one of the many reasons I'm somewhat nervous about having a boy,) and girl names have always been easier for me to come up with. I just keep my eyes and ears out for names I somewhat like, add them to the list, and then once the time comes, hopefully we'll be able to narrow it down to one.

  2. i LOVE your boy name choices!! and i think brogan is cute too. i am ALL FOR unique weird odd random names. im obsessed. i love this post!
    and isaiahs top name for a girl is ainsley. it makes me think of you now :)

  3. As you could probably tell by my names, I love Celtic names too! We don't have Celtic names ourselves but that's my heritage. I like Brogan and think the nickname Bro is so funny! Maybe she could go by An instead?

    I have a baby name app that I use to come up with names for my Sims characters and also save ones I like so I can remember them. Kieran is actually near the top of my list, as is Keegan! Along with other Celtic names like Donovan, Finnegan, Seamus, Brennen, etc. I just haven't fallen in love with any of them like I have my girl names.

  4. I love my Celtic name too! I go be Dee for Anonymity, but my real name is Deirdre. It is always a hassle to spell, but I love that there aren't a lot of other girls around with my name.

    I have several Celtic baby names on my list. Declan is on my list as well! It's not stealing if it was already on my list, right? :)

    1. I know what you mean about your name being a pain to spell. I've stopped answering my work phone with my name because people always ask me to spell it.

      I'm ok with you "stealing" Declan since it was already on your list :-P

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