Monday, June 10, 2013

June Blogging Challenge Day 10: Doin' The Deed

The question for the June Blogging Challenge Day 10 is, "How do you help get yourself (and or SO) get in the mood to DTD (do the deed) during the fertile period?"

Honestly, Keegan and I don't have that much trouble getting in the mood during the fertile window. Keegan works super long hours every day (like 11-16 hours a day,) and is on call all the time. I typically work an 8 hour day, but with my job, we sometimes have events after hours, so there have been days that I also work 13 hours. Because of our long hours, Keegan and I only have sex once or twice a week. I know that our frequency seems low to some, but it works for us with our schedule. Since we're not humping like rabbits all week, it's not so difficult for us to shift our deed doing to my fertile window instead of on the weekends when we normally have more time.

Don't get me wrong, having timed intercourse still isn't necessarily fun for us. There have been a few times where we've both been tired, so we just get it done instead of going all out. There was also one time where we had a little bit of an argument which killed any sexing that night. We're certainly not perfect and having timed intercourse has definitely killed the surprise and excitement of making a baby. I'm sure it also helps that we've only been doing this for 5 cycles now. I'm sure as time goes on, it'll get more difficult.

I asked Keegan if there was anything that I did to make things easier, and he said that I'm typically so excited about my fertile window that it makes him excited. And that he's "always excited excitable." That's an exact quote, ladies.

I don't think there's any magic answer to making timed intercourse more enjoyable. I think that making things light and fun makes getting in the mood easier. If you're so focused on getting the timing just perfect and elevating your hips to just the right angle, it makes sex a chore, and no one likes to do chores.


  1. Timed intercourse can be tough. Glad you and Keegan keep the fun and humor in it!

  2. i had no idea he works so much! i am glad that you two still find time though and are able to make it happen with fun and love!

  3. Years ago, a doctor told me that sex twice a week was nothing to be ashamed of -- most couples are lucky if they manage it even once! I'd say you're doing just fine ;)