Friday, June 14, 2013

June Blogging Challenge Day 14 - First Job

Before I was legal to work, I had jobs like baby sitting and helping my mom at the preschool she was working at. However, my first "big girl" job was being a lifeguard at the pool I had swam at since I was 5.

I became a lifeguard when I was 15. Looking back, I don't understand why the pool left the lives of their patrons in the hands of a bunch of kids since most of my co-workers were more interested in tanning themselves than saving lives, but oh well. No one died in the 7 years I was there.

The one and only time I had to save someone was when a child decided jumping into the deep end was a good idea. The young mom (nothing against young moms, just setting the stage here,) was in a very interesting conversation with a girlfriend when her little girl, no more than 3, decided to toddle her way towards the pool. I was up on the lifeguard stand watching her every move, knowing exactly where she was headed, but had no way to stop her. I had to continue to scan the rest of the pool to make sure no one else drowned, but as soon as I heard her little body splash into the pool, I jumped down. Thankfully due to my training, jumping into three feet of water from 15 feet in the air was an automatic response (the lifeguard stand was right over the shallow end for some stupid reason.) I swam over to the little girl who at this point was at the bottom of the deep end, picked her up, and set her down on the pool side. Her mom and my manager ran over to check out her out, but she was fine.  My manager asked if I wanted a few minutes to collect my thoughts, but I told her I was fine to continue working. I got back on the stand and noticed my entire body was shaking from the adrenaline.

The best part (besides saving the girl's life of course,) was the cute guy who ran the summer camp gave me a standing ovation.

I continued working at that pool for 7 years, teaching swim lessons and coaching the swim team as well as lifeguarding.


By the way, today is Ms. Not Pregnant and Pissed!'s birthday! Go wish her a happy birthday as well as good luck on her IUI on Sunday. Happy birthday girl!

I just found out it's Jen's from Overworked Ovaries as well! Go wish her the happiest of days.


  1. My husband worked as a lifeguard as a teenager too. It always feels good to have him around when we're near water...just in case. I'm sure people feel the same way about you.

  2. Wow what an experience! Even if it must have been a neat feeling to save someone's life, I'm glad you only had to do it once.

    1. You and me both! I'm pretty sure I would have broken something having to jump off that guard stand.

  3. Just reading that gave me an adrenaline boost! Yikes! Good for you!