Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June Blogging Challenge Day 12: Perfect Anniversary

Day 12 of the June Blogging Challenge is a description of your perfect anniversary.

Fun story, Keegan and I have only been together for 2 anniversaries out of three years of dating and almost a year of marriage. Our dating anniversary was December 26, so while we were in college, we both were typically with our respective families over the Christmas holidays which meant we weren't able to celebrate together. The first dating anniversary we were able to celebrate together was December 26, 2011. We were engaged and living together at that point, so we went spent the holiday season with both of our families together.

We'll celebrate our first wedding anniversary this year on August 4 while we're in Canada! All of my extended family on my dad's side lives around Toronto, so we'll be visiting them for about a week at the end of July, beginning of August with my dad and one of my sisters. I couldn't ask for a better anniversary than that! We were originally going to go to Canada for our honeymoon, but my Canadian passport didn't come back in time so we rented a cabin in the Smokey Mountains for a week instead, but that's another post. I'm so excited for Keegan to meet my family, show him Toronto and Niagra Falls, and relax at my family's cottage. Unfortunately Keegan's company has worldwide cellphone service, so he'll still be on call, but I'm hoping he won't have to work too much.

If we weren't going to Canada, I'd love to do a weekend trip for our anniversary. We live about 3-4 hours from the Mississippi coast, so a weekend at a hotel on the water sounds amazing to me. I also wouldn't complain if we went back to our cabin. The hot tub overlooking the mountains was perfect. If we had to stay at home, I'm like Frozen OJ. Dinner at our favorite restaurant, maybe pick up some ice cream, and spending the rest of the day watching movies or playing games together is good enough for me. Doesn't take very much to make this girl happy.

So what about you? What would be your perfect anniversary? If you've already one, what did you do?


  1. All of the options you just mentioned sound perfect in their own little ways. Also, I have never been to Canada (even though I live just a few hours from the border). It's on my bucket list. (-:

  2. So fun that you have a trip for your first anniversary!!